Improve current chinese sky culture

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Improve current incomplete chinese sky culture.
I can start it at the end of April 2014 when I finished my high school public examination and it is expected to be completed at the beginning of June 2014
So hope this blueprint can be approved

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Alexander Wolf on 2018-01-31

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-Where do you get 920 well-known and still recognized names from? I doubt that more than 250 (or even 150?) names are still in widespread use.
In any case, you can just edit star_names.fab in your skycultures: either create a new culture like Western_morenames or such, or an optional add-on/replacement like the H.A.Rey figures?
Also, please mention source for your names in your work.

I get the information from Hong Kong Space Museum, this is one of their public resources and I just need to copy them and find the corresponding star number in stellarium:
Stellarium is great for teaching other students astronomy, but the problem I encountered is when I try to use Stellarium to teach chinese astronomy, the database in Stellarium is not really that comprehensive. For now, I translate the western star name into chinese with their meaningful traditional names (only stars have western star name is translatable, and the Chinese culture now has really really few data and I guess you guys may know very few about chinese astronomy). Oringally, I just decided to help to expand the Chinese culture, but now with the information from Hong Kong Space Museum, I can also help to expand the star name in western culture or I can create a add-on for users just like you said....But anyway, the most important is the chinese astronomy culture has a necessary to expand

I think the default (western) sky culture, which represents official IAU-accepted and widely used names, should not be extended with uncommon names or misspelled variations. (Seginus, not Ceginus, etc.) You could create an extended list as variant as said, but some names in that list seem dubious. More reliable work on Arab star names and their derivates in European medieval have been created e.g. by Paul Kunitzsch. But yes, Stellarium's Chinese skyculture is incomplete, indeed. Some constellation names are only given in transscript without translation, and for most constellations there is no story available, which would be fine to better understand the lore connected to the sky. (This may also help finding better translations for some names.) Also of course, constellation artwork would be fantastic to add! And given the long tradition of astronomy in China, it may even be wise to create several sky cultures: historical and constellations in today's use (?) You see, lots of ideas and work to do it properly. But good work is always welcome!
Good success, G.Z.

I will change the title of this blueprint to chinese astronomy culture only as your suggestion, focus the scope mainly onto the chinese astronomy culture as well as the constellation from different period in the chinese history as you have suggested. Then I will start to collect information and organize them after my public examination that will end at this month. And I hope I can submit my work after the end of next month to Stellarium development team to review and implement it. Moreover, I will consult experts in Hong Kong Space Museum to ensure all the information is correct. Please tell me if this is ok and any suggestion on this blueprint. By the way, I know how to add the star names but how can I make the constellation lines as well as add the artworks???(I cannot promise I can provide artwork since I know nothing about graphics design). thank you and I will appreciate your assistant.

I think Stellarium User Guide can help you with Sky Cultures -
-- A. W.


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