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Terminology described here is described with a top-down approach. This terminology will be used throughout the development process as well as within the application.

"User Profile" - Each user can create a user profile where information such as weight, body fat %, maximum beats per minute and "rest pulse" can be set. A user's profile is not password protected or protected by any other mechanism. User profiles are only used to group training schedules to individuals as well as link completed activities to individuals.

"Training Schedule" - When planning what to train and when to train you create your training schedule. A training schedule consists of one or several activities.

"Activity" - An activity could be an hour at the gym, four hours on the bicycle, an hour of swimming. If you decide to do both an hour at the gym and an hour of running the same day; that is two separate activities planned for the same day in your Training Schedule. An activity consists of one or several exercises.

"Exercise" - An exercise is one part of an activity e.g. pull-ups or push-ups are two exercises for a gym activity. A 10min slow pace running warm-up followed by 10km running are two exercises in one running activity. Swimming for 200m freestyle followed by 6x50m backstroke is another example. Each exercise consists of one or several sets.

"Set" - In the gym example above pull-ups could be performed in one or more sets. In the swimming example above the 200m freestyle part is one set but the 6x50 is six sets of 50m. A set consists of one or several repetitions.

"Repetition" - Usually you do gym exercises in 3 sets of x repititions. As an example it could be 3 sets of 12 repetitions each when doing push-ups. In swimming one repetition could be 50m freestyle swimming.

# An example when running a halfmarathon.
* A halfmarathon could be one exercise of running one set with one repetition of 21km.
* It could also be one exercise of running one set with 21 repetitions of 1km.
* A third look at it could be that you run 4 sets of one 5km repetition and finishing of with one set of one repetition 1km long.

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