Concept of templates within Stay Fit (Training schedules, Activities, Exercises)

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The trade off between features and complexity is always there to be made in software development. This blueprint describe the choice of using a mindset of "templates" throughout Stay Fit application for the main components such as "Training Schedule", "Activitives" and "Exercises".

Templates for training schedules, activities and exercises are stored in separate files in suitable file format.

### Training Schedules
The basic use of a training schedule is that you create your own schedule with a specific goal to reach in a couple of weeks. It could be to finish 10km running in 40 minutes or swim 3000m in less than 60 minutes. For this use case you do not need templates.

The need for templates comes after creating your first schedule and completing it. Did you achieve your goal or do you need to try again? In this scenario it would be nice to just copy the last schedule and change the starting date.

The use of templates also makes it possible to share training schedules with friends. An example to this could be that one in your circle of friends create a good training schedule for a common goal. Your friend can then export that training schedule and email it over. (When exporting a training schedule all related activites and exercises must also be included.)

### Activities
An activity could be a running session or a swimming session with different exercises throughout the activity. If you are a good runner with a lot of knowledge in that area you could probably create a few good activites with different goals. For others that information would be invaluable to get started before they would have the knowledge to create their own training schedule.

Templates for activities would make it possible to share activities.

### Exercises
An exercise is the smallest component in a training schedule. Each exercise has a specific goal to exercise a specific muscle (squats for your legs) or improve a specific technique (swim with pull buoy, only arms crawl). Each exercise in Stay Fit should have a corrsponding help page that describes it in detail how to do it and what effect the exercise will have on your body. This knowledge would also be invaluable for those without the experience or previous knowledge.

Templates for exercises would make it possible to share exercises including the corresponding help pages.

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