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Before few months, there was a discussion whether to have or not have a website for StartUbuntu Project.

Long Story Short, StartUbuntu founded NOT to have a Website and advertise for something specific but rather built on 'Spread-the-word' strategy that I have personally followed, used and achieved SO much with it for the last two years when I used to spread the word of Lubuntu on each and every channel I have access on. And, the great popularity of Lubuntu did NOT come from its website, it came from this strategy.

StartUbuntu Project depends on all the 'other' website, blogs, Social Media, ... etc .. channels. It should NOT depend on a specific channel. The more we can spread it, the better.

WE DO NOT have a product to sell. We don't have a service to give. We are just spreading the WORD of Linux. Having a Website will add nothing special at all. Why to have a website while there is:

Ubuntu Website
Kubuntu Website
Lubuntu Website
Xubuntu Website
Ubuntu GNOME Website
etc etc

There are 9 different website so why do we have to waste time, resources and energy to build the 10th one? and for what?

Example so that you can understand better:

You will tell your mates at University that if they have Windows XP on their machines, they need to get rid of it.
You will NOT direct them to StartUbuntu Wiki, Social Media Channel, Website, Blog, whatever ... you will SIMPLY ask them to, for example, download Lubuntu or Xubuntu from Lubuntu or Xubuntu website and try it :)

It would be totally waste of time to direct them to StartUbuntu and from StartUbuntu, a Link will take them to another Website which there is another link that will take them to the download page, etc.


The WHOLE point is to tell the world that Windows XP is about to expire and you need to replace it. You don't need a website to do that, you need to spread the word on : THE CURRENT EXISTING Channels rather than build new one.

I hope, after all this, you will understand where I am coming from :)

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