Blueprint assignments for “OpenStack Design Summit - Diablo”

This listing shows the assignment of work for blueprints currently associated with OpenStack Design Summit - Diablo. The drafter is responsible for getting the specification correctly written up and approved. The approver is usually the person who would sign off on the specification.

148 of 48 specifications
Priority Name Definition Delivery Assignee Drafter Approver
5 Essential Burrow proxy server 0 Approved 0 Unknown
5 Essential Referencing Instances Across a Complex Deployment 0 Approved 11 Implemented Ed Leafe Ed Leafe Vish Ishaya
5 Essential Nova multi-nic 0 Approved 11 Implemented Trey Morris Trey Morris Vish Ishaya
5 Essential Openstack API 1.1 Finalization 0 Approved 11 Implemented Gabe Westmaas Gabe Westmaas Vish Ishaya
5 Essential Separate code for services 7 Obsolete 1 Not started Vish Ishaya Vish Ishaya Vish Ishaya
4 High Reference Architectures 0 Approved 12 Informational Anthony Young Jesse Andrews Vish Ishaya
4 High communication layer for host to guest 6 Superseded 1 Not started Scott Moser Vish Ishaya
4 High Integrate lunr block storage 7 Obsolete 1 Not started Chuck Thier Chuck Thier Vish Ishaya
3 Medium Extra-Data 0 Approved 11 Implemented justinsb Vish Ishaya
3 Medium Refactor nova openstack api serialization 0 Approved 11 Implemented Titan Mark Washenberger Vish Ishaya
3 Medium XenAPI SM Volume Driver 0 Approved 11 Implemented Renuka Apte Renuka Apte Vish Ishaya
3 Medium Diablo Testing 6 Superseded 5 Started Monty Taylor Nachi Ueno Vish Ishaya
3 Medium Scheduler Decision Framework 7 Obsolete 5 Started justinsb justinsb Vish Ishaya
3 Medium Engineering-In Quality 7 Obsolete 1 Not started Vish Ishaya justinsb Vish Ishaya
3 Medium Overhaul libvirt to improve testability and add event-based callbacks. 7 Obsolete 2 Deferred Brian Lamar Brian Lamar Vish Ishaya
2 Low Virtual Storage Arrays for Nova 0 Approved 11 Implemented Zadara Storage Nelson Nahum Vish Ishaya
2 Low Trusted Computing pools 0 Approved 11 Implemented fred yang Jun Nakajima Rick Clark
1 Undefined API definition process 0 Approved 12 Informational Soren Hansen
1 Undefined Multiple Cluster Container Syncing 0 Approved 11 Implemented gholt gholt
1 Undefined Support for GPU, SGI Ultraviolet and (bare metal)Tilera 0 Approved 12 Informational Lorin Hochstein Vish Ishaya
1 Undefined Support for heterogeneous architectures 0 Approved 12 Informational Lorin Hochstein Vish Ishaya
1 Undefined Chef Cookbooks for Deploying OpenStack 3 Drafting 0 Unknown Matt Ray Matt Ray
1 Undefined OpenStack Manuals Overview and Catalog 3 Drafting 11 Implemented Anne Gentle
1 Undefined Unify the way OpenStack projects daemonize servers 3 Drafting 0 Unknown Jay Pipes
1 Undefined API additions 4 Discussion 11 Implemented Glen Campbell
1 Undefined AuthN/AuthZ service 4 Discussion 0 Unknown
1 Undefined Review of our Branching and Release model 4 Discussion 0 Unknown justinsb
1 Undefined Plan for moving to git and GitHub 4 Discussion 0 Unknown termie termie
1 Undefined Notifications and statistics 4 Discussion 0 Unknown
1 Undefined Database as a Service 4 Discussion 0 Unknown RedDwarf Drivers Michael Basnight
1 Undefined Load Balancing as a Service 4 Discussion 0 Unknown Youcef Laribi Josh Odom
1 Undefined Snapshot, Clone and Boot from volumes 6 Superseded 12 Informational MORITA Kazutaka MORITA Kazutaka
1 Undefined Zones & Distributed Scheduling 6 Superseded 5 Started Sandy Walsh Sandy Walsh Vish Ishaya
1 Undefined Administrative VMs / containers for provider services 7 Obsolete 2 Deferred Vish Ishaya Vish Ishaya
1 Undefined Support Ceph Rados Distributed Object Store Gateway 7 Obsolete 1 Not started Yehuda Sadeh Yehuda Sadeh Rick Clark
1 Undefined OpenStack Dashboard in Diablo 7 Obsolete 0 Unknown Devin Carlen Ken Pepple
1 Undefined Release schedule for Diablo and after 7 Obsolete 0 Unknown Thierry Carrez Thierry Carrez
1 Undefined planned and unplanned features for swift 7 Obsolete 12 Informational John Dickinson John Dickinson
1 Undefined How to integrate Gluster for VM / object storage 7 Obsolete 2 Deferred
1 Undefined Discussion on design and software considerations for making Nova HA/Fault Tolerant 7 Obsolete 0 Unknown Edward Konetzko Edward Konetzko
1 Undefined Create a top level Network as a service project 7 Obsolete 0 Unknown Rick Clark Thierry Carrez
1 Undefined Adding support for powernap. 7 Obsolete 2 Deferred Chuck Short Chuck Short
1 Undefined Topology service, failure zone’s centered IaaS deployment 7 Obsolete 2 Deferred Nova Scaling Team Nova Scaling Team
1 Undefined RPC improvements 7 Obsolete 0 Unknown Nova Orchestration Team Nova Orchestration Team Vish Ishaya
1 Undefined Build a stress testing harness for Glance 7 Obsolete 0 Unknown Jay Pipes
1 Undefined Support EC2 filters 7 Obsolete 2 Deferred justinsb Vish Ishaya
1 Undefined Refactor Swift to allow alternative hashing services 7 Obsolete 0 Unknown cole crawford Joshua McKenty John Dickinson
1 Undefined XenAPI text console support 7 Obsolete 1 Not started Nova Feature Parity Team Nova Feature Parity Team Vish Ishaya
148 of 48 specifications