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2010-04-20 to 2010-04-20: Fusion Strike - Webinar #1:
Webinar #1, For Developers & The Public. Recruitment and Project Discussion will be taking place.
Registered by Jacob Clark
2010-04-21 to 2010-04-21: Kick off meeting:
A quick meeting at the FSF, to discuss how we're going to get started.
Registered by Matt Lee
2010-04-30 to 2010-04-30: Step 1. move to p4:
let everything working on plone 4
Registered by massimo
2010-04-30 to 2010-04-30: Restyling:
Registered by jollyr0ger
2010-05-04 to 2010-05-04: annountce-meeting:
Registered by piaosongmei
2010-05-10 to 2010-05-14: Ubuntu Developer Summit for the M Release:
Blueprints for the M release of Ubuntu
Registered by Jorge Castro
2010-05-10 to 2010-05-10: Summer of Documentation Blueprint Meeting:
Meeting discussing possible blueprint plans for the Summer of Documentation Project. All BT Members are invited to attend.
Registered by Zach Kriesse
2010-05-20 to 2010-05-25: KDE Multimedia, Edu and Games sprint:
A Sprint to gather all parties in the KDE Community who use sound in their application. The aim is to coordinate forces to ensure a better sound experience in KDE on the long run. This is in particular interesting for all applications using the Phonon stack and it's backends as well as applications using alsa directly. We will also discuss the Pulseaudio issue we are faced with, collaboration with the Pulesaudio developers. Another interesting approcha will be the possible use of a VLC backend to replace the rather buggy existing ones.
Registered by Myriam Schweingruber
2010-05-24 to 2010-05-28: EPICS Codeathon 2010:
This year's Codeathon is being hosted by the Diamond Light Source in the UK, the week before the collaboration meeting at ITER.
Registered by Andrew Johnson
2010-06-02 to 2010-06-03: CaneyPUGgies - Introduction:
Introduce: 1. TurboGears via 20 Minute Wiki video, 2. CaneyPUGgies Trac wiki, 3. Reformed Churches Locator on Launchpad, 4. Customized Ubuntu programming environment, 5. Create new TurboGears 2.1 app on Webfaction, commit to Bazaar repository, push code to trunk on Launchpad
Registered by Tim Black
1. First, finish any tasks remaining from the last meeting 2. We'll follow steps described in the TurboGears 2.1 docs 3. Get your Bazaar branch of Reformed Churches Locator 4. Start the web server 5. Open & edit code in your editor, reload app, see changes in app 6. Pylons debugging interface 7. Commit changes locally, (pull/merge then) push to shared branch 8. Launchpad blueprints - pick one & implement it, create new blueprints 9. Discuss Reformed Churches Locator overview & versioning 10. Write model code
Registered by Tim Black
2010-06-20 to 2010-06-20: Sunday 20th:
Small hackathon on sunday the 20th
Registered by Brett Wilkins
2010-06-22 to 2010-06-22: Zope Developer IRC Meeting Week 25:
Bug tracker monitoring, floating documentation and bug day review and planning.
Registered by Christian Theune
2010-06-26 to 2010-06-30: parser for parsing create table statements:
Parser for parsing create table statements must be created.
Registered by neh
2010-07-04 to 2010-07-04: Security Issues:
A meeting for any Security Issues. Note: the meeting will probably not last as long as it is marked.
Registered by Anonymous Meerkat
2010-07-13 to 2010-07-16: OpenStack-A:
Initial review of openstack, status, requirements and proposed blueprints.
Registered by Joshua McKenty
2010-07-16 to 2010-07-16: Spotkanie planowane 1:
Zobaczymy co się udało zrobić. Zaplanujemy kolejne zadania.
Registered by janisozaur
2010-07-30 to 2010-07-30: Pre-Release IRC Meeting:
Before each major version or subversion release of TextFileBB, we will hold a meeting in IRC to discuss changes to the code.
Registered by Thomas Boxley
2010-08-14 to 2010-08-14: Discussion Of Ideas:
The goals of this meeting are discussing the alternate package format, how best to remove bugs and any new ideas
Registered by cafeinoz
2010-08-27 to 2010-08-27: Hexwars 'Punchy Preview' Summit:
We will test the “Early Effects” release, define the goals for “Punchy Preview” based on the resurlts and assign tasks for the “Punchy Preview” release.
Registered by Patrik Schönfeldt
2010-08-28 to 2010-08-28: Geeknic Texas - Arlington:
Texas Geeknic – Arlington A simple picnic for geeks. To get outside and away from the computers for fun. George Stevens Park 400 West Sanford Arlington Texas 76011 We will have some refreshments BBQ and hamburgers and hot dogs Please RSVP so we can have a good idea for the food You are welcome and encouraged to bring your flavor of food or refreshment Please join us. Here is a link to the map on google maps
Registered by Daniel Stone
2010-08-28 to 2010-08-29: Setting Up an Issue:
Initial Meeting
Registered by Gaurav Kumar Agarwal
2010-09-13 to 2010-09-14: Zope Developer Summit 2010:
The Zope Developer Summit is set to discuss goals and directions of the Zope developers for the medium term.
Registered by Christian Theune
2010-09-21 to 2010-11-10: desframentacion de disco:
en ubuntu necesitamos una herramienta que desframente y acelere y de matenimiento al disco y la memoria ram es indispensable al momento de recuperar sectores dañado porque la aplicacion de utilidad de disco de ubuntu esta limitada
Registered by alejandro
2010-09-30 to 2010-09-30: Early design meeting #1:
We are supposed to discuss the proposed database's layout and core features needed to be implemented before releasing 1a.
Registered by Krotton
2010-10-10 to 2010-10-10: Realidade Portuguesa no OpenERP:
Sugiro o agendamento de uma reunião, para partilha de experiências e reagrupar a equipa de interessados na localização do OpenERP Portugal. Pretende-se o seguinte: 1. Definição contextual, esclarecer quais as funcionalidades necessárias e não existentes em nenhum módulo OpenERP, para que este possa ser utilizado em Portugal como solução de facturação (ex: retenções, saft-pt, snc, certificação). 2. Avaliação técnica, Definição de requisitos e estrutura de dados. 3. Planeamento, definição de milestones para os bluesprints definidos.
Registered by Carlos Almeida
2010-10-11 to 2010-10-14: Bacon meeting:
The meeting before the bacon sprint that will result in the 0.1b release! :)
Registered by Patrik Greco
2010-10-20 to 2010-10-21: CaneyPUGgies - 2010-10-20:
Registered by Tim Black
2010-10-21 to 2010-10-21: Discuss Bluetooth support:
We need to discuss Bluetooth support.
Registered by Pierre-Yves Troel
2010-10-22 to 2010-10-22: meeting uio android group:
Meeting of the Android Group at 15.15 pm on friday 22nd of October 2010. Ifi cafeteria
Registered by Gautier DOUBLET
2010-10-25 to 2010-10-29: UDS N:
Orlando, Fl, USA
Registered by Jorge Castro
2010-10-26 to 2010-10-26: Team meeting regarding milestone blueprints:
First meeting finishing up M1 for approval.
Registered by Suhas Joshi
2010-10-27 to 2010-10-28: CaneyPUGgies 2010-10-27:
Registered by Tim Black
2010-11-03 to 2010-11-04: CaneyPUGgies 2010-11-03:
Registered by Tim Black
2010-11-09 to 2010-11-12: OpenStack Design Summit - Bexar:
Come help plan the Bexar release of OpenStack. Note: Bexar pronounced /ˈbɛər/ "bear"
Registered by Rick Clark
2010-11-10 to 2010-11-11: CaneyPUGgies 2010-11-10:
Registered by Tim Black
2010-11-16 to 2010-11-16: M3 update meeting:
What's been done since last and what to do next?
Registered by Suhas Joshi
2010-11-17 to 2010-11-18: CaneyPUGgies 2010-11-17:
Registered by Tim Black
2010-12-01 to 2010-12-02: CaneyPUGgies 2010-12-01:
Registered by Tim Black
2010-12-08 to 2010-12-09: CaneyPUGgies 2010-12-08:
Registered by Tim Black
2010-12-15 to 2010-12-16: CaneyPUGgies 2010-12-15:
Registered by Tim Black
2011-01-01 to 2011-03-30: formacion equipò de trabajo:
formacion del equipo de trabajo
Registered by Alexander Arce Godoy
2011-01-11 to 2011-01-12: Brainstorm Meeting:
Een korte meeting om te brainstormen over de toekomst van de toepassing
Registered by Dooitze de Jong
2011-02-07 to 2011-02-11: Zeitgeist Hackfest:
The Zeitgeist Hackfest 2011 where we prepare for a stable feature freeze and bug fixing for the upcoming GNOME 3, Unity and KDE.
Registered by Seif Lotfy
2011-02-14 to 2011-02-14: Kick off February 2011:
Kick off sprint to discuss how to (re)start klickgeist in 2011
Registered by Benjamin Geese
2011-02-19 to 2011-02-19: Post Saint Valentine Meetings:
Come back John !
Registered by Smonff
2011-03-04 to 2011-03-06: GlobeLAN15-coding:
Coding done at GlobeLAN 15
Registered by Lars Åge Kamfjord
2011-04-27 to 2011-04-30: OpenStack Design Summit - Diablo:
Come help plan the Diablo release of OpenStack.
Registered by Thierry Carrez
2011-05-03 to 2011-05-03: Seminarium May:
Mid-project semenarium where we discuss where the project currently is.
Registered by Denis Dervisevic
2011-05-07 to 2011-05-07: Developer Meeting 2011-05-07:
Discuss the future development of gDesklets
Registered by Joe Sapp
2011-05-09 to 2011-05-13: Ubuntu Developer Summit - O:
Registered by Jorge Castro
2011-05-10 to 2011-05-13: Libre Graphics Meeting 2011:
Developers and users of Free, Libre and Open Source graphics software will meet May 10-13 in Montreal at the sixth annual Libre Graphics Meeting (LGM). Software developers, artists, designers and other graphics professionals collaborate and learn from each other. LGM emphasizes the sharing of collective creativity, innovation and ideas and is free for everyone to attend.
Registered by Kattekrab
2011-05-23 to 2011-08-22: Sahana Agasti Google Summer of Code 2011:
The Sahana Community Development Committee would like to welcome everyone to the 2011 Sahana Google Summer of Code. The Sahana Software Foundation is has received approval to be a mentoring organization with Google for the 2011 event. SSF has successfully been a part of the Google Summer of Code every year from 2006 through 2010. These involvements have been very effective in building both the project and the community, so we are looking forward to having another productive year as well.
Registered by Chad Heuschober
2011-05-24 to 2011-05-24: Discusión de aprobaciones:
Con el cometido de tener la mayor cantidad de aportes sobre las funciones del sitio Web de Ubuntu Uruguay, se va a realizar una reunión por IRC para discutir el tema de los nuevos Blueprints registrados.
Registered by Pablo Capeluto
2011-07-08 to 2011-07-09: OpenTeacher developer summit 3.x:
The first developer summit of OpenTeacher. We'll celebrate the 5000 2.0 downloads, establish a project long-term roadmap, have quick talks about the blueprints and will spend the remaining time on a code sprint.
Registered by Marten de Vries
2011-08-08 to 2011-09-29: UGR Oneiric sprint:
We're trying to get UGR into the Oneiric universe, and we need to go all out for the next few days to get it done. Getting into universe will cement us as a part of Ubuntu.
Registered by JC Hulce
2011-08-19 to 2011-08-19: roadmap planning for windows9:
we need to revive this windows9 thing - apparently windows8 is running on html and javascript.
Registered by tom wells
2011-08-22 to 2011-08-27: EPICS Codeathon 2011:
This year's Codeathon will be hosted by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in Berkeley, California.
Registered by Andrew Johnson
2011-08-27 to 2011-08-27: PyConJP 2011:
PyConJP 2011 is planed in 27-Aug-2011 in Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan. Author will have a lightening presentation.
Registered by Hiroshi Miura
2011-09-06 to 2011-09-30: vmatch design meeting:
Registered by Torbjørn Kind
2011-09-09 to 2011-09-30: Nathan Suchy's meeting room!:
Registered by Nathan Suchy
2011-10-31 to 2011-11-04: Linaro Connect Q4.11 and UDS P:
Ubuntu Developer Summit for the P Release (12.04) and Linaro Connect Q4.11 Linaro Connect Q4.11 Information: UDS Homepage:
Registered by Jorge Castro
2011-10-31 to 2011-11-04: Linaro Connect Q4.11:
Linaro Connect Q4.11 is the next gathering point for the best software developers to plan out and code the future of Linux on ARM. As usual, it will be an intensive week of discussion, planning and engineering work. Look forward to seeing you there!
Registered by Stephen Doel
2011-11-02 to 2011-11-02: Qt tools for Ubuntu:
Discuss the missing parts in Qt tools for Ubuntu. What needs to be done in order to have a complete workflow in Qt Creator from application creation over package creation to Ubuntu app store.
Registered by Johannes Zellner
A meeting to force my availability to zero thus hopefully causing a schedule update for this time.
Registered by Jon Masters
2011-11-10 to 2011-11-30: newspaper:
this is good or no good
Registered by Harpianto,ANDI
The goals for the 201111 Controls Database Collaboration Meeting are: a) Present the current status of database related design and development (architecture, schema, lattice/model, service and applications) b) Evaluate if the architecture meets both labs’ requirements c) Review the current schema design to establish a good starting point for whole HLA/Physics Apps d) Identify the common interest e) Try to establish a plan for further collaboration
Registered by Eric Berryman
2011-12-22 to 2011-12-24: sdsd:
Registered by Maciej Brylewicz
2012-01-08 to 2012-01-08: Reunião preparatória:
Reunião para conhecimento e organização das equipas de trabalho
Registered by Tiago Carrondo
2012-02-05 to 2012-02-05: Anonplus Refresh:
This will be the first meeting we have had in a while so let's make it great! Please mark if you will be attending the Refresh meeting. Also discuss: new members, weekly meeting.
Registered by aj00200
2012-02-06 to 2012-02-11: Linaro Connect Q1.12:
Linaro Connect Q1.12 is the next gathering point for the best software developers to plan out and code the future of Linux on ARM. As usual, it will be an intensive week of discussion, planning and engineering work. Look forward to seeing you there!
Registered by Данило Шеган
2012-02-29 to 2012-03-31: March 2012:
Tasks for March 2012
Registered by Ganesh Kudva
2012-04-07 to 2012-04-07: Startup of Tasky:
Find out our plans and lay out features that we should include in such an app. Meeting agenda *Lay out plan and goals *Feature list for Tasky *Design and mockup(how will Tasky look?) *?
Registered by Martin Myrvold
2012-04-30 to 2012-05-01: 12.04 launch party :
PLEASE NOTE: the days are wrong but will be updated soon. We would like to have are Site up by the 12.04 launch party ironpat can you plug info here please about time and date for release party ?
Registered by Joseph Mills
2012-05-07 to 2012-05-12: Ubuntu Developer Summit - Q:
Oakland, California, USA
Registered by Jorge Castro
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