Improve Orange based on Thorsten Wilms suggestions

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The orange of the header is wrong. The base color outside of the stripes
should be #dd4814.

Start page

It's not obvious how to return to the start page, once you followed any
link. Though I see uses the same approach.

Consider to use the "Get" page as start page. Sensible content for a
start page has to be either an Introduction, or be the most often used.
A combination is possible. The right choice or weighting depends on the
relation between first time visitors and returning visitors and how big
the need for explanation is in the first place.

The current start page throws stuff at the viewer with not much
guidance. Why should the visitor care about that download counter? The
small print is horrible, nobody can be expected to read that, so it
shouldn't be there.

If the primary job of the start page is offering a brief introduction, I
would put the "About" block first.

Having both media types and Top Rated on a page that is not the "Get"
page is too much.


The legal disclaimer is the least interesting. It should be on the
right, or only exist on an About page. Same for "Powered By", which, if
it stays in the footer, should be rightmost for it's smaller size.

The "Community" block should be first on the left. You have enough space
to write Local Community out, no need to count on people knowing what
LoCo is, beforehand.

Do not include a link to SpreadUbuntu itself.

As long as the footer takes full width, its background should extend to
the bottom of the view.

Get Materials

Top rated/popular/recent/random is surely not of first concern.
language, media type and maybe purpose or derivative could be. Maybe
your stats could help here?

Catch the rest categories tend to be a disgrace, but often can't be
avoided. Though "Other" would be less of a "Huh?" then "Unusual" is.

Faceted navigation could be cool.

Make Materials

Consider "Create" instead of "Make".

Share Materials

The headline shouldn't read "Create Material". "Share", "Add",
"Submit" ... would all be options.

This page could be quite a barrier. My first impression is: too much at
once. Though doing it step-by-step, wizard-style, has its downsides,

Only one CC license supported? You need a link to the explanation page
of that license.

The custom license option should be tied to it's own entry, so you know
what is license and what is description.

Description/Summary might be best handled by having one large box with
"Description" as header. First thing in that box would be a second box
with a title bar "Summary". Though i would not know how to pull that
off, technically.

Easy way would be to rely on indentation:

  Summary: [ ]
  Body: [ ]

As this split/join and "Show summary in full view" business is too

WYSIWYG editing, please? While many of us might be fine with markup and
be vary of the pitfalls of trying-to-be-too-clever WYSIWYG, I think it
is a must to enable a wider range of people to participate.

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Evan Boldt
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 * use new header icons

 * clear way to return home

 * clean homepage
 ** Remove current "About"
 ** Replace with large text, 2 sentence, interface translatable version with a "More" link
 *** "SpreadUbuntu is a..."
 ** Add a "What to do" page, which goes in the "Make" book
 ** Move Torrent downloads counter somewhere else, which will include the awesome graphs.
 *** I would still like it to be a prominent feature, but I don't know where to put it

 * reorganize sorting options on Get
 ** Grouping of filters?

 * Header background modified

 * Remove "Split summary at cursor"
 ** This is a default Drupal function that we do not use - except on the "About" page on the front.

* reorganize sorting options on Get
 ** Reformat tabs to a a group of sorting options vertically instead of horizontally

 * Improve footer
 ** move legal disclaimer right - consider complete removal
 ** move community block left
 ** remove spreadubuntu community link from ubuntu-drupal theme
 ** Ensure footer background extends down fully on larger monitors and smaller pages

 * Add link to CC-BY-SA license when user accepts license

Not going to do without further reason:
 * Renaming sections in header
 ** I don't see the improvement in clarity or brevity
 ** A change would make URLs inconsistent with the category, or would break links to current pages
 ** A change would require re-translating

 * Renaming "Unusual"
 ** I can see a difference here, but again, a change would break URLs and require re-translating

 * WYSIWYG editor
 ** While I agree with the usefulness of WYSIWYG editors, I do not believe there is a need for formatting or markup of any kind.
 ** The most that is done currently is inserting links, which the input format automatically hyperlinks
 ** Perhaps all markup could be removed and just use plain text
 ** If someone presents a use case where extra formatting might be desirable on the descriptions, I could add a WYSIWYG editor

 * Support more Creative Commons licenses (Dropdown instead of radio buttons)
 ** Other licenses could cause problems by not allowing commercial use

* Faceted navigation
** To an extent, this is already done with the media types, which I believe is the most important filtering option


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