SoundConverter extract audio from video untranscoded, as it is, in copy-mode.

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Would like to extract just an audio track from the videos, without transcoding anything but the container.

(The SoundConverter could help with choosing the container. For example AAC has to be in MP4, vorbis cannot be in MP4, and so on. But could also just leave it to the advanced user to know what containers are supporting which audio formats.)

Tried with one video file, which had WebM as a container, VP8 as a video codec and Vorbis (44100 Hz, stereo, 96 kbps) as an audio coded (GNOME nautilus and VLC claims). The audio track sounds nice.

SoundConverter read it nicely in. Extracted the audio track in either ogg/voribs or mp4/AAC, using High Quality and not resampling. The results were poor, cracking sounds. For example to outputted mp4/AAC had just 54 kbps.

Also tried to resample, using MP4/AAC, High Quality, resmapling to 44100 Hz. The outputed MP4-file had AAC, stereo, 44100 Hz and 104 kbps. The audio sounds poor, cracking sounds, noisy. Not good.

Then extracted the audio track from the same video with Kdenlive as 48000 Hz WAV. Read this WAV-file in Soundconverter and exported it as mp4/AAC, it used 48000 Hz and 104 kbps. The audio file sounds nice, as the original video file.

I then tried with VLC. Created a transcode-profile which had ogg as a container, no video and audio track "keep the original". It outputted the ogg/vorbis file which had stereo 44100 Hz, 96 kbps. And the audio is FINE, no cracks.

So would like to able to do the same in SoundConverter, just copy the audio track to the suitable container. Would be usable to extract audio tacks from many files at once in some one folder.

Can be thought to be out of the scope of "SoundConverter" to just extract in copy mode and not converting anything or converting perhaps just a container. But still, SoundConverter also failed to convert this audio from the video file to anything useful except by using Kdenlive first to extract audio to WAV-file.

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