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so let's get into it so the only way to jump higher instantly is by fixing your jump technique we're going to break down technique into two separate phases so it's much easier for you to understand we have the approach which is also known as your run-up and then we have the takeoff the approach is the most important aspect of your jump it's about percent of your jump and the same principles apply to both foot and foot jumpers when it comes to the approach now unfortunately for the approach it usually always gets overlooked I mean think about it to yourself right now how many times have you ever practiced your approach probably never so don't worry we're going to cut out the mistakes in your approach we're going to add the fixes and you should instantly see some gains on your vertical jump today first let's cover the three biggest mistakes that most players make when it comes to their approach now mistake number one is stutter stepping stutter stepping is when you take way too many steps in the beginning of short choppy steps you do not want to do this where stutter stepping does is it causes deceleration and the inability to build repetition so every time you jump from a stutter step you know every time you approach with a stutter it's gonna be hard to get comfortable because every time you approach is gonna be a different approach you won't stutter the same every single time so we want to remove the stutter step completely the next mistake that we want to remove from our approach is deceleration aka slowing down now what happens when you jump when you go from your approach into your takeoff you want as much speed as possible which we call the MCV your maximum controlled velocity you want as much speed that you can handle you want to take that horizontal speed vertical now if you decelerate which a lot of players do they start off too fast and by the time they take off they slow down and they have zero power when they get into their takeoff so in the approach you want an acceleration not a deceleration you want to get faster as you go you don't want to slow down now the third and final mistake of the approach that we're going to discuss in this video it's too much forward lean so what happens is a lot of players when they when they're in their approach and they're attacking the basket they have their chest pointed at the ground so what this does is when you get to your takeoff and we're going to talk about this more as a takeoff mistake but this takeoff mistake begins in the approach too much forward lean you end up jumping horizontally and you end up going where your chest is at so if your chest is pointing at the ground you're going forward instead of jumping straight up now let's get into the approach fixes so you can start fixing your approach and start adding instant inches to your vertical jump now whether you're a foot jumper or a foot jumper both of these approaches have very similar principles now the biggest difference between a foot approach two-foot approach is that a two-foot approach is gonna be maybe a few steps shorter than your one foot approach but other than that the approaches are gonna be almost identical now let's talk about some keys to having a good approach now the first thing you want to make sure you're doing in your approach is running with the dorsiflexion now I know that's a big word but don't let that big word scare you it might be forward to you but all dorsiflexion is is when your toes are pointed towards your shins what this is going to do is assure that you're running on the balls of your feet so we have plantar flexion and we have dorsiflexion now you can see how powerful my foot is when using plantar flexion and then you can see how powerful and how fast my foot is when I use dorsiflexion and I love to use the analogy of pretend you're punching somebody now you're going to punch somebody with your fingertips or you're gonna punch them with your fists now plantar flexion is kind of like punching with fingertips while dorsiflexion is like punching with your fists the ball of your foot is probably the most powerful part of your entire body so we want to be running with all that power all that explosiveness we want to be using it as we run in our approach generating all that force through the ground to get a faster approach and get a more powerful take off as well so remember you want to run and jump with dorsiflexion so the next fix is to the approach are going to be to fix those mistakes that I mentioned earlier especially number two and number three we gotta fix the forward lean we want a more upright torso we want our chest up head up a great hack for this is just look up at the rim and that's gonna ensure that your head is up your chest is up and what this does is it gives you the ability to control on your momentum better so when you take all that speed horizontal to vertical you're taking it vertical and not going too far forward next we want a good accelerated approach so we're not going to slow down but we're going to speed up during the approach so that we're hitting our maximum controlled velocity right at the takeoff so the more speed and power you can control and take into your take off the higher you're gonna jump and that leads us right into the take off so now let's talk about the take off now with the one foot takeoff and the two foot takeoff there are again a lot of similarities but this time there are a few differences but first let's address the mistakes and how to fix them now when it comes to mistakes with the takeoff many of the mistakes occur from the mistakes in the approach so let's take forward lean for example if you have too much for landing your approach and that's going to happen and your takeoff your body will collapse during the takeoff and you'll jump too far forward that's why we don't want forward lean instead we want a tall approach tall take off our chest is up head is up and that allows us to control our body better so we can take all of our momentum vertical instead of horizontal another mistake which again comes from the approach is deceleration and the takeoff remember your takeoff you want it to be the point at where you're fastest so you want the beginning of your approach the slowest and then at that moment of takeoff you want that to be the fastest and the way to ensure that this happens is by having what we call a quick penultimate step now this is where things get a little bit different between the one foot takeoff and the two foot takeoff but first let's talk about what the penultimate is now the penultimate step are those last two steps that you take and your takeoff so you want those last two steps to be fast and explosive now with our two foot takeoff we're going to use an elongated third-to-last step and what this is going to do is it's going to force us to cycle our feet through ensuring that we have a quick penultimate step so as you can see I have a really long third to last step and now watch how fast my penultimate has to be so that's what it does right there that third to last step when it's long it forces you to cycle those last two steps in and helps you take all that horizontal momentum vertical things don't change too much with the foot again we want a quick penultimate there is no elongated rd step so that's the biggest difference but again we want to celebrate through our entire approach snap in those last two quick steps that penultimate step keep that foot more underneath your body not too far out in front of you so that your leg has a slight Bend not a huge bend and take off from there now let's go through one quick rundown of everything so you can take this implement it into your vertical jump right now and start jumping higher right now I know I went over a lot of things but it's really not that difficult you want to stay tall you want to use dorsiflexion when you run when you jump use dorsiflexion you want to celebrate all the way through from the beginning of your approach all the way into your takeoff you want to get faster and faster and you need a quick pin ultimate so you can transfer all that horizontal speed vertical so there you have it if you master your approach and you master your takeoff you are instantly going to jump higher it's all about fixing your vertical jump technique so we covered how you can instantly jump higher today but as promised here's access to the vertical jump analyzer click this button right here that's going to take you to a page it's just going to ask you a few questions you put in your answers and it's going to analyze your vertical jump and show you how much higher you're capable of jumping right now if you're on any mobile device that button is not going to work for you just go to the first link in the description freaked ring calm slash vja and that's going to take you to that same exact page the same exact questions you've put in your answers and it's going to analyze your vertical jump and show you how much higher you're capable of jumping today do me a favor though after you analyze your vertical jump come back to this video comment below let me know how many inches you're capable of jumping and then let me know if you tried some of these drills did they help you do the techniques do they help you jump higher if they did comment below let me know how much higher you're jumping I'm sure we won't have a ton of results from a lot of different players I can't wait to see the results that you're going to have as always subscribe to our Channel I love basketball TV we're going to have a lot more vertical jump videos come in the next few days so stick around you're definitely going to be jumping higher

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