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Registered by Sergio Tortosa on 2012-04-27

When you open slingshot, you want to open "that" application, so when you open slingshot the first screen would the most used apps, since if you haven't used too much, it has a very low probability that is the application that you want, also this view shouldn't show the ones in the dock.
In case you want another application you could have another view to search the apps by category.

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I'm not really sure about having it by default, even though it's not a bad idea. Anyway, even if it won't be the default view, we should provide a different shortcut to directly access it. -- voluntatefaber

This directly conflicts with the dock, which 90% of the time contains a users most frequently used apps. If any kind of sorting is done, it should put the least use apps up front instead. But really it also conflicts with Slingshot's design. The reason pages are used instead of scrolling is so that it's possible to develop a memory of where certain apps are stored. If we automatically sort those apps, it's impossible to predict where they will be and pages become frustrating and lose their value. -- DanRabbit

I don't say anything about the pages, they are fine, what im saying is that when you open slingshot, the first thing you have is the recently used apps ( in that view apps which are in the dock shouldn't be shown) and you have a button to access the catogries view. Anyway if you say the most used apps is done by the dock , why not simply remove it? --sheosi

The current behavior is to open the applications menu starting with the alphabetically first category, which is "Accessories" for me and most everyone else. These are programs like File-roller and Screenshot, which I rarely need to use a menu to access. A list of recently used applications would save me the time of having to get away from this unproductive menu. --quequotion


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