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Polycarbonate is basically a thermoplastic polymer that contains chains of carbonate groups in its chemical structure. The presence of these groups makes the thermoplastic tough and elastic at the same time to facilitate crafting, moulding or thermoforming. In short, polycarbonates are capable of being used in various applications in accordance to different types of requirements.

It is no surprise that polycarbonates have witnessed a wide growth in India in recent times, particularly in the construction industry where economic factors play an important role. No other material can provide the extensive characteristics of this material at such a low price with maintenance costs lying within budget. Probably, this is the reason behind the increase in its demand as people are replacing the usage of traditional glass with polycarbonate. To meet this demand, more companies are now engaging in manufacturing of polycarbonates, resulting in a boom in the number of polycarbonate sheet manufacturers not only in India but globally. However, it also means that it becomes more important for you to be able to understand and select the manufacturer that provides the most genuine product.

The main reason behind the widely use of polycarbonate sheets in construction industry is their durability matched with enormous strength and ease by which it can be fit even in difficult areas without developing any crack or getting damaged. Widely used in constructing domes, patios and deck structures, Polycarbonates are preferred for their durability and resistance to both high and low temperatures. Another reason for their extensive use is that these sheets are unbreakable, maintenance-free and remain undamaged for years together without discoloring or cracking.

However, the major concentration of usage of this material is in the indoor areas of buildings. Its use as UV blockers is highly preferred as it has the capability of letting in almost 90% of sunlight while filtering out the harmful UV radiations away. Thus, these sheets have become the safest alternative for greenhouse plants and the human skin as well.

Electronic Industry
The thermo capabilities of the material are extensively used in the electronic industry as they can withstand heat up to 120 degree Celsius and has the property of fire-resistance which is matched with self-extinguishing capabilities in case of ignition. In fact, the telecommunication industry highly prefers to use polycarbonate due to its high electric insulation properties. Other uses include manufacture of CDs and DVDs.

Automobile Industry
In the automobile industry, the use of this material has seen a gradual growth as it has produced an effective alternative to glass and fibre that were traditionally used in manufacturing headlamps, mirrors and various body parts of the vehicles. When it comes to transparency and translucency of polycarbonates, they vary from 30 to 90% thus making them suitable for different uses. Bullet proof glasses in security vehicles, canopy tops of the most modern fighter jets, riot shields or prison windows are some of the examples of usage of polycarbonates in modern times.

The way this material has made our lives easy can be understood from the fact that it has revolutionized the way we preserve food items for longer time in food pouches, swimming trunks and goggles are other such examples.

Polycarbonates are offered with an anti-scratch coating that makes them immune to scratches, thus increases the life of the product. So, if you are looking up to have the benefits of all these advantages and explore the world of vast possibilities of this material you must opt for high-quality polycarbonate sheets. We offer polycarbonate sheets with the blend of right quality and service at the affordable prices. Our wide range of polycarbonate sheets compromising various manufacturing processes and designs can be found on our website.

Source : https://uvlitepc.business.blog/2020/02/25/know-the-benefits-of-using-polycarbonate-sheets/

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