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Explain the details of successfully performing a merge from a merge-request containing a new FEATURE.

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This procedure should _only_ be followed if your are proposing a new feature for siesta.
If you a proposing a bug fix then please see <to be filled>

To prepare a FEATURE merge you *must* branch of the trunk code and commit your feature changes.

To make a branch of the siesta trunk do this:
   bzr branch lp:siesta <branch-name>
   <Make all your code changes>

1. Step the file.
2. Add your changes to the Docs/CHANGES file in the same formatting as is already present.

NOTE: Please make a thorough explanation of changes etc. If needed, also add information in the manual (Docs/siesta.tex) to make the change publicly known via the manual.

NOTE: A good advice is to commit often, there is no reason to post-pone commits when the code is in a usable condition.

Perform a commit:
   bzr commit --file=<logfile>

At this point you have the updated code and committed the code locally.
Now you must make it publicly available.
Do this:
   bzr push lp:~<your lp username>/siesta/<branch-name>

This puts your changes to launchpad and it will be publicly available.
Now you must tell the siesta-maintainers that you have created a change and you wish to let it enter the code repository.

Go to this webpage:<your lp username>/siesta/<branch-name>

and under the item "Branch merges" you can press "Propose for merging".
Do this and fill out the relevant information.
NOTE: The default merge branch is defaulted to lp:siesta (which is what you typically want).

Typically you want the merge-request to be reviewed by any siesta-developer.
To do this enter:
in the "Reviewer" box.
Otherwise, if you want a specific maintainer to review your merge-request, enter their launchpad ID into the "Reviewer" box.

Now you are done.
You have made the siesta-maintainers aware of a code change that is eligible to be merged into the development.
Wait and see if the maintainers accept your contribution. It may happen that the maintainers decide that more information is needed, or that additional comments are required in the code changes. If this is the case then you must re-commit those changes to your branch (lp:~<your lp username>/siesta/<branch-name>).


You may also follow the above guidelines in _exactly_ the same manner if you wish to make local incremental changes/features.

As a maintainer you have the exclusivity to merge merge-requests into the trunk.

To do this you *must* perform these steps:

1. Mark the merge as "Accepted" so that other maintainers know that you are in the process of performing a merge.
2. "cd" to your local branch of siesta/trunk
3. Perform a "bzr pull" to ensure you are at the HEAD of the branch.
4. Perform the actual merge:
    bzr merge lp:<branch information from merge webpage>
Create a log of the commit message describing the code changes. You may request a short message from the merge-requestee.
5. Push merge to the trunk.
    bzr push lp:siesta


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