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We need a more sophisticated way to track behaviour and the resulting consequences / actions in an accounting style.

Would want to capture incident description plus a series of set actions taken (so that a report can be pulled from them) such as:
Sent to Academy Manager’s office
Parents called
Student suspended
Note: Fran needs to check if multiple actions could be taken, or if this would be on an escalation scale and therefore one option would be ticked.

Initial thoughts on a potential option: Perhaps we could extend the current notes form so that when “behaviour” is selected, it returns a more comprehensive form, with additional fields and a checklist of actions. We could also create a specific set of behaviour only reports

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Fran: the purpose is really just to track a defined number of actions that could be taken as a result of a single behaviour incident. Rising Academies have now given me the list of actions that could be taken, and multiple options should be able to be ticked. These are:
• Behaviour point
• 15 minute detention
• 30 minute detention
• Sent to Academy Manager’s office
• Parents called

These actions would need to be countable in a report - in the first instance this would be understanding how many of each category each student had.

Tom: OK, so, teachers or school administrators can create "incidents" that have the following metadata:

* student
* teacher
* time
* list of actions (any notes, times, etc. attached to each of these?)
* comment/note/description (whatever you want to call it, there probably needs to be a text field)
* title?
* relevant section?

We will need a new accordion panel for this on each student's page.

Incidents can be added from the behavior panel on the student page, and perhaps in the contextual menu for the student in the gradebook?

Metadata should be:
* student
* teacher
* date
* list of actions (check box for behaviour point, 15 minute detention, 30 minute detention, sent to academy manager's office, parents called)
* Note (text field)
Class and section metadata will be needed for the reports but doesn't need to appear anywhere on the slider.

Could you have a behaviour slider with two options underneath:
1. Add negative behaviour incident (would then bring up the slightly amended note page, with checkboxes for actions and the note)
2. Add positive behaviour star - this would then open up our usual note page but each time this is used would count as a star on the report

How long would all of that take? Is there any reason why we couldn't do this within the current note page? I showed it to them this morning and they thought we could just use the current set up but make the following changes:
a) Behaviour category - becomes negative behaviour
b) Notes form for negative behaviour brings up a set of checklist boxes as well as the notes space
c) Positive behaviour becomes another category
d) develop a separate report which pulls only the information from negative behaviour category

If the slider is still quick to do then it does make sense to put it separately I guess, however, it feels like the workaround could also be fine...

Estimate: 8 hours

Fran: Approved - assuming this is the behaviour slider

Fran: Two other behaviour fields:
1. Teacher reporting the incident: with drop down list of teachers in the system
The reason we need the teacher field is that in this case it will be the academy manager inputting the behaviour incidents, but they want to be able to indicate which teacher reported it. This doesn't need to be a mandatory field. And we don't need to give the selected teacher permissions to edit it.
2. Lesson incident occurred in, if applicable: with drop down for subject sections (you're right it should be subject sections, not subjects). Again not a mandatory field.


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