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Coming back to this again as schools are wanting to switch students between streams / sections so I think we do actually need a full system for linking students to streams. Ideally it would allow:
* Able to move students from one stream to another and will change subject enrolment as well
* Link streams to particular classes to allow... ?

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We think we get this, but the second requirement is cut off in the doc.

- Streams will be accessed from the School page in the School Year area (right side), between Subjects and Subject sections (Courses and Sections in standard SchoolTool terms). The link will take the user to a listing view /streams similar to /courses, /sections and /groups with tabs for each year.

- There'll be an Add Stream view with title and description fields.

- Membership in the stream will use the same list of statuses as section enrollment (that is, possible active and inactive states). There'll be a standard relationship view for editing this. When a person's status is changed in this relationship, the change will propagate to all the related sections. For example, if the person becomes inactive in the stream, he or she will be made inactive in all linked courses.

- Streams will have a relationship with sections in the same school year. There'll be a standard relationship view for editing this. Need to deal with linked sections sanely.

- [Ask Fran] Changes in the sections relationship of the stream (removal of the section from the stream) should propagate to current members.

- Edits to the student membership of each section does NOT propagate back to the stream/section relationship.

* Does it also make sense to link the sections to classes/levels?
* So these relationships are set up for the year and each year you set up the streams / sections? This makes sense to me

Yes, but perhaps not this iteration depending on time.

Estimate: 24 hours

Fran: I have a new complexity to this... Rising Academies have a few different sections...
1. Advisory group (like a form / tutor group) - this is the group where attendance is taken so is like the main section...
2. Morning section (for certain subjects like literacy and numeracy)
3. Afternoon section (for other subjects)
You could also essentially think of these as sets (which is a far more common approach), where students are in different groups based on ability. I think what this would mean is that you would need to be able to:
a) add multiple streams / sections to each student
b) link streams / sections to different subject sections (this would be in the initial set up process)
Then i think the same flow through applies. If you enter a student into different sections then they are automatically enrolled in the subject sections that are linked to that, and vice versa

Does that make sense?!

We think so. As long as students can be in multiple streams, that covers it?

Fran: exactly. And the set up process just involves linking those streams to the relevant subjects. For attendance purposes (we currency have a stream filter), so we might therefore want to have a "main section" which could be form class (and is the filter for attendance), and then other streams / sections which are linked to subjects. ..


Work Items

Work items:
Done button for stream page: DONE
Streams panel for Student accordion: DONE
Streams sheet in the importer/exporter: DONE
Add fee options for streams ("Add -> Fees" option and Stream Fees table in stream view): TODO
Change student attendance filters and report filters to use streams instead of groups: TODO
Change assessment reports filters to use streams instead of groups: TODO
Add option to delete streams: TODO

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