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Option to save / delete report templates (so that you don’t have to generate a particular report every time).

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Estimate: 24 hours.


- Add [Save report] button to the left of the [Export as XLS] button below the table. The [Save report] button will show after extra columns have been added (like the [Delete last column] button does). The button will open a dialog with a Title field and [Save] [Cancel] buttons for saving the report.

- Add two tertiary navigation tabs (like the ones you have for accessing years in School):

Custom Export | Saved Reports

- Add a Saved Reports view with a table (one row for each saved report) with the following columns:

Title | Export as XLS | Delete

Title will be a link that when you click it takes you back to the Custom Export view with the filters and added columns already applied.

Export as XLS will be buttons to do the same action they do on the Custom Export view.


Should we save these by person?

No, I think these could be saved across all users. But with the option to delete ones that are no longer needed. That way the site manager / main administrator can keep a check on these.


Creation: Add a "Save this report" action which would take you to a form or dialog that would let you name and save it (generate ID from title).

We'll need an action to "Use saved report" which will take you to a form or dialog that lets you select one of the existing ones.

We'll need a management screen off School "Saved reports" that lets you delete them. Unless it is easier to just integrate deletion into one of the other views, I suppose. Maybe just do that in the Use saved report view?

Fran: would it be easier to do this by person? I'm fine if so - realistically it will be the admin and school leader using this function so it will be fine to create it initially on each of their profiles
"Save this report" and "use saved report" action makes sense

Douglas: actually, it's simpler to have them globally stored (any person with access to the view will be able to use them). Let me know what you think of the tasks/UI workflow above.

Fran: ok great :) Tasks / workflow looks great. One question - when you access a saved report, can there be an option to add additional columns and then this could also be saved as a separate report?

Douglas: once you click on the title of a saved report you're redirected to the standard Custom Export view with the filters and added columns already applied and the rest of the buttons work as usual, so the new [Save report] button would be available for saving it as a new report. One thing I have not considered is "rewriting" existing reports. But I don't think we need that, right?

Douglas: sorry I meant "overwriting" existing reports.

Fran: That sounds perfect. No we don't need overwriting existing reports.


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