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This (see specification link) isn’t quite the final version in terms of formatting, but the content is all correct. Each of the pages would be a separate report, so 5 in total. Could you let me know time estimates for the grayscale version, and also an identical version in colour

Implemented as a webpage and then print option

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Are we going to implement this with the cache/update data functionality that the dashboard uses?

Fran: I think that probably works well, what do you think? Is it still possible to do it this way with the various filters? The filtering is more extensive / complicated than we currently have on the dashboard. If it easier / quicker to treat this like a normal set of reports generating a PDF then please do that instead

Tom: I think we could do these directly as PDF's but it would take longer at least initially to figure out the details of the implementation -- how to embed the graphics properly, etc. It would be easier to just do the web-based view like the dashboard, but make the interface and the background plumbing act like it was generating a printed report.

That is, when you go to a dashboard, you expect it to open right up. On a report, you make some selections and click Submit, and expect to wait for it. The main thing is that a web-based dashboard that takes two minutes to appear seems to be broken. A report that says "Please wait while we generate the report," seems reasonable, if a bit slow.

Fran: Sure, whatever is easiest! It's fine to have to wait for it, and the signal "Please wait while we generate the report" would be great. I just wanted to check that we would still have the same flexibility with filters (especially as these are different for different reports).


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