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Need to have a way to deal with left over fees on a student profile. Rewrite off type of button which is like a specific credit and therefore can be easily calculated with the reports

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Estimate: 22 hours (10 for the new object operations, 4 for the table changes, 8 for the new report/import)
Fran: I have split this into two blueprints - one blueprint for the table changes and this for the credit write off. For now the credit write off is not a priority


1. Add a "Add Fees Write Off" button next to the "Add Fine" button in the Fees accordion.

2. The button takes you to a regular form with fields: Date, Title, Description and Amount. The Title field should be autofilled with "Fees write off".

3. Add Edit and Delete actions for fees write offs.

4. Add a Past fees table below the Future fees table

5. In the fee tables show Fee write offs with different style than credits, debits and fines.

6. Modify the fee reports to use fees write offs.

7. Add a fee report "Fees write off import form" with columns: Student ID, Class, First Name, last name, gender, Current balance, Credit write off value

8. Add a Import Fees Write Offs link and view in the School page.


Douglas: Fran, a couple of questions:

1. What fields should the Rewrite off type have: Date, Title, Description and Amount?

2. Are we going to show Rewrite off values differently than regular credits in the student profile?

Thanks Douglas.
1. Yes that works well
2. Could they be in a different colour (maybe blue or something)?

Can this also be incorporated into the credit import excel that we have? That way if they want to write-off all fees for all students on mass then they can do that really easily. I think this then solves the issue of different years as we won't need that anymore as it will be easy to put the overall balance back to 0.

Also is it possible to hide the previous school year fees? Or move it to a slider below like the future fees (optional extra)

Douglas: Hmm. Incorporating these into the current credit importer would be tricky. How do you tell the credit importer it's a rewrite off and not a regular credit? An additional boolean column (optional) called Rewrite Off next to the Receipt number? What about a Rewrite off importer instead?

So now we'd have 3 tables? Current fees, Past fees and Future fees?

*For credit importer: I would just have the column for credit (that we do now) and another column for "credit - write off" which is optional. This can go after the receipt number and doesn't need another receipt number for this one

*3 tables: current fees = this school year and fees already due; future fees = this school year but not yet due; past fees = previous school year

*"Fees write off" button: can this autofill the title of the box that pops up with "Fees write off"

Discussion 18 April
Credit import: New report with Student ID, Class, First Name, last name, gender, Current balance, Credit write off value

Fran question: Could we actually just simply do the table splitting current fees (with this school year and due), future fees (this school year but not yet due), and past fees (previous school years) and? This basically solves the purpose as we have separate balances for each table and then the school won't get confused. We also already have a column on the basic fees reports for previous year remaining balances so this does the job of knowing how much students have left over from previous years.
If we did it this way, is it a total of 4 hours?

Douglas: Yes. That'd take 4 hours. Could we create a different blueprint for that?


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