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In addition to the pre-loaded staff records in the Staff Management module volunteers may show and want to help in the response. The Volunteer Management module will allow for on-the-fly registration of volunteers throughout the affected area.

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In the current functionality of Mayon all persons actively assisting in the response effort are considered “Staff”. Information on these individuals is pre-loaded into the system before an event is deployed; however, the back end is designed to support on-site registration of volunteers. These individuals would be used to fill in open roles available at or near the site they are registering at; or, in the event of long term response without restricted movement of people and resources, they could be deployed to affected areas in need of volunteers.

Current Application Functionality
A few concepts in the current functionality of Mayon are relevant to the Volunteer Management module; specifically the functions of a “Scenario”, an “Event”, and the “Staff Pool”. Because Mayon focuses on preparedness and the deployment of response plans, the Emergency Management user creates “Scenarios”. Scenarios are response plans; and during the creation of a scenario the user sets Staff Deployment Rules, meaning they say what type of staff from which organization will be deployed should that scenario be activated. When the Scenario becomes an “Event”, or a specific instance of response, the Staff Deployment Rules are used to create a “Staff Pool” from all available staff who fit into the rules set in the Scenario. This staff pool is then distributed to the facilities that need them for the active event.

Overview of Enhancements to Current Functionality
The volunteer management module will allow for volunteers to be registered as active additions to the staff pool without being counted as long-term members of the “Staff” list. They will be assigned to facility resources and shifts within those facility resources as long as they remain active as long as they are available or as long as the event is still active. After the resolution of the active event their information will be retained for security and auditing purposed; however, they will not be considered long-term staff available for future staff pool creation.

For full detailed specs please read: http://wiki.sahanafoundation.org/doku.php/agasti:mayon:developer:volunteer_management_spec


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