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Thwab is empty! I know that this is the small version but we should put at least one book just to mention the capabilities and the utility of this program, I propose also that this sample book should be some kind of howto install books with url to the download page of Shamela to let people use it in an easy manner without need to have previous knowledge of Thwab or Shamela (remember that I speak about a non-computer specialists).

I put brother Muayyad mail in the cc list of my mail that I sent to the mailing list but with no response, can you, brother Ahmed, see that with him if you can contact him?

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The info about how to add books is already present in /usr/share/docs/thwab/README.Debian

abdelmonam: In fact what I want is to give something with Thwab in the small version (don't offer it empty), it will be a good idea if someone convert this howto into Thwab book format and packge it with it.

jmehdi: first we could just add one book, not necessarily a howto.

abdelmonam: well if you like, what I would attend is: when a new user (non-computer specialist) try to open Thwab he will get:
1) a sample of what this tool can do (a sample of book, any book).
2) I prefer that this book was an howto to make easy for this user to add books if he like Thwab.
That what I would liek to say, if you have other point of view then ok ;)

abdelmonam: This feature is now done with Thawab 3 and sample books will be installed with Sabily Examples contents package. No need for this blueprints. Rejected.


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