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Changes in rpm-5.0 API, porting guide (poky/fray)
How to automate signing packages with rpmbuild (mongo asks)
How to use /etc/rpm/sysinfo (jasonc)
How to use probe dependencies (jasonc)
What options should be used for a distro "production" RPM (jasonc)
How to set up a private per-package build like /X/macros (#633759, #633746)
How to convert an rpmdb for use with rpm-5.3
How to diagnose/repair/tune/configure an rpmdb
How to replace a directory with a symlink (#633636)
What to do with parentdir/linkto dependencies
How to setup and use a solvedb
What does "sh: line 0: fg: no job control" mean
How do I create a *.rpm package from a binary tarball
How do I use @rpm5.org code with smart/yum/apt-rpm


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