(DOCU) Smoke Test

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Quick 20-minutes overall-test, suitable for detecting showstopper bugs in Beta and RC releases (does not substitute a full system test)

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== General Test Cases ==

Build Test: (TC-001, depends: -)
1.) clean up the working directory or checkout the SUT-version of RevAger.
2.) Build the application (ant -f build-revager.xml)
3.) Verify that all three binaries (.exe .jar .zip) are present in the "dist" directory and have a reasonable, non-null file size.

Startup: (TC-002, depends: -)
1.) Delete your local revager Settings (i.e. c:\documents and settings\user\.revager)
2.) Start up Revager using the JAR file.
3.) Verify that the Derby Logfile ("derby.log") in the revager settings subdirectory "db" lists no errors.
4.) Quit the application.
5.) Make sure the folder "review-files" has been created inside RevAger's settings directory.

Language Check: (TC-003, depends: TC-002)
1.) Startup Revager.
2.) On the main screen, click on "select language".
3.) Change the language to one which is different from the currently used one.
4.) Verify that all menu entries and visible options are presented in the newly selected language.

== Aspects Manager ==

Basics: (TC-004, depends: TC-003)
1.) Startup Revager.
2.) Enter the aspects manager
3.) Make sure the buttons "Expand whole tree" and "collapse whole tree" work as expected.
4.) Make sure the default catalogs get loaded.
5.) Navigate around in the catalogs, to make sure all aspects are reachable and selectable.
6.) Click the Sort button and make sure the sorting is done correctly (in alphabetical order).

Manipulating Aspects: (TC-005, depends: TC-004)
1.) Dive deep into one of the catalogs (i.e. Lastenheft -> Betrachtung des Umfelds -> Sind alle Schnittstellen eindeutig definiert?)
2.) Click the Edit Button.
3.) Change the text in "directory of the aspect".
4.) Enter or change the description.
5.) Re-Assign the aspect into another category. (i.e. "Inhalte des Lastenhefts")
6.) Re-Assign the aspect into another catalog, that does not have this category yet. (i.e. "Quellcode")
7.) Click the OK button.
8.) Make sure the category has been created with the new aspect in the selected catalog, and that the former catalog and category are still intact.
9.) Reopen the Aspect and make sure the new description is present.
10.) Delete the aspect. Make sure the category is deleted as well (Remark: is this really desired?!)


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