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Checklist for new stable releases of RevAger
This blueprint provides an overview regarding the development process of RevAger.
This documentation-blueprint describes, how new Feature Requests for RevAger are being processed using Launchpad.
This documentation-blueprint is a guideline for specification-blueprints inside the RevAger project on Launchpad. Prototypes for a blueprint should be stored in the Bazaar repository lp:~neos/+junk/revager-dev-files under blueprints-files/<BLUEPRINT-NAME>
The following records are used for the system test of RevAger. The scenarios which describe the procedure of the system test can be found in the corresponding blueprint: Some semantic hints for the following records: * <ANY> means arbitrary o...
The following scenarios are used for the system test of RevAger. The input data should be obtained from the corresponding blueprint: Please be aware of the following conditions when executing the scenarios: * After every input the tester has to c...

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