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Just a silly idea: maybe in the distant future there could be an online website (made specifically to integrate well with this app) to publish your recipes to, see others' recipes, give ratings, import and export from the website, etc.

While we're at it, this could allow syncing between the user's multiple computers.

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Discussion with Stuart Langridge:

<aquarius> but I'd like to run a few thoughts past you about recipe manager and Ubuntu One integration and recipes on a website and that sort of thing
<jeff> I presume couchdb can be used for recipes syncing
<aquarius> indeed it could
<jeff> so that would imply syncing recipes to instead of direct sync between computers?
<aquarius> well, if you wanted to sync directly betweeen computers you own you could set that up, certainly
<aquarius> but a potential cool thing that that adding desktopcouch support would enable is the idea that you can set up, and if someone goes there and logs in with their Ubuntu SSO details, they'll see all their recipes on that website without having to do anything
Something we're looking at doing is sharing couchdb records with your friends; so at that point you could choose to share a bunch of your recipes with people from your contacts list, and they'd get to see them all and that could also be displayed on the website. And you can imagine a world where you add the website *itself* as a friend, and then share recipes with it, and those recipes get published on the website for the world to see. :)
With these few things in place, you wouldn't have to handle any of that sharing or syncing stuff in recipemanager at all; we'd handle it all for you and you'd just plug into it
<aquarius> enabling recipe manager and apps like it is exactly my job ;)
<jeff> I'll keep couchdb in mind/in my notes, the only thing is that I probably won't be implementing it myself. Maybe I should post bits of this discussion to the LP blueprint
<aquarius> that's what I'm thinking; I am more than happy to help with this stuff
<jeff> you mean as in guidance or as in make a branch and code on crack? :)
<aquarius> well...probably somewhere between the two ;) writing a branch or two I can do :)
<jeff> I have to say, my understanding of such an implementation is quite basic, not much more than a simple "user". I'm sure many users would welcome something like this in R-M (me included)


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