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On a groups-blog/online magazine you have different groups of people
readers: anonymous visitors who just read and get all the adds on the blogs
members: basic people who wants to be a member, and then they can give comments to posts that are older then 7 days. For benefit they see the blog add free
novice writers/applicants: people who want to be a writer for that blog, but have not yet been approved. They can start writing but since nothing gets published, nobody cares. Perhaps we discover gems, and then we can promote them
editors/regulars: regular approved writers. All there articles will normally get published - after proofread and spellcheck
editor in chief: Proofreads an article and decides if and when an article will get published. Choose a date, attach some images if needed, choose the correct blog
corrector: spellcheck an article, propose a publish date

The editor in chief needs to have a clear view on what's happening and what's going to happen in the (near) future, so he/she knows on what date there is still no article, what articles are in the pipeline.
The corrector and the editor in chief need to communicate with each other concerning the articles. Since they both need to approve an article before it gets published, they need to be able to tell each other if they read/approved the article or not.

In the front the editor in chief and the corrector need to see what articles are 'waiting' for them to be handled (or at least, that something is waiting for them, and that they need to go to the back-office), for if they forget to go to the back-office.

Since we need a system to communicate with all our writers, we need to be able to publish articles for every different group.
Articles for members only (a special edition is on the way, you can apply for a present, articles for editors (manuals,...)...

On the dashboard of the back-office it would be good to have more windows
If that dashboard would show a lot of info the editors want to know, they would surf to that dashboard more often.
Show what posts have been read, how many times, by how many people, what are the latest comments,
But also a dedicated place to communicate with the editor in chief. The Editor-in-chief can place messages for them, links to manuals, invitations, ideas we have, what shedule we have for there articles, what stuff we need them to do, what.......
But also, the editor himself can write down stuff, his planning, his holidays, ...

That talking would be nice if it would appear in the front on a dedicated place for the correct member.(for if he does not goes to the back-office, if he is not a regular)

Yabba made already a great deal of this plugin for me. It's working for me, but if we would make this official, then it needs bells and wissles

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