Quality Dashboard frontend interface tech spec

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Technical specification for the frontend of the Quality Dashboard. This includes the following:
 * HTML coding of web interface
 * Interface between preferences tab and backend settings

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Chris Gregan
Chris Gregan
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Quality Dashboard
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Links on widgets allow for expansion of data behind widget
 * How does LP do these “pop ups”?
 * Can this just be a link to a simplified view of LP in a shrunk browser window?

Web based page generated based on the results of a query and user preferences
 * Determine technology for generating HTML
 * How do we combine the query results and the preferences in HTML generation

Once the user is logged in, the data in his/her profile should be available when rendering a template (jcollado)

Each user can have customized widget views and preferences for those widgets
 * How do we build the view?
 * How do we store the view details per user?

Preference tab allows for limits to be set for widgets
 * Are the queries themselves built when a user sets the thresholds?
 * How do we store these per user?

The SQL queries will be sent to the database when the page is rendered based on the user configuration, so the threshold value won't be hardcoded in the query. (jcollado)

Every user will need a profile in the database with the his/her preferences including the thresholds. (jcollado)

Limits can be set for widgets
 * How are the limits passed to the back end?
 * How do we display when a data point sits outside a threshold
 * Upper and lower limit?

Tool Tip on each widget that shows the query being run to collect the data
 * Web based tool tips?
 * Could it be a child browser window or a new tab?


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