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Let's have and deliver an ready-to-use environment of Pymacs

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Am 08.09.2011 03:45, schrieb Tom Roche:
> Dunno if this is relevant or helpful, but here goes:
> I decided to install pymacs to enable me to use python-mode, as I'm preparing to do more serious work with python (via PyNIO). I encountered a minor problem installing pymacs, about which I posted the pymacs list, and got help from the developer, François Pinard. Along the way I mentioned that I was installing pymacs for use with python-mode, and he mentioned that he was not doing much emacs work, so I asked
> Tom Roche 2011-09-06 17:23,
>>> what are your plans for pymacs support?
> François Pinard Tue, 06 Sep 2011 20:21:08 -0400
>> Pymacs does not have that many bugs, so I guess I could maintain it
>> with a moderate amount of work. The story is that I transmitted
>> maintenance to someone else, years ago. Nothing happened for a long
>> while, which is not really a problem, as when a package is stable, I
>> do not see the need to make releases merely to create artificial
>> activity. But, then, the new maintainer vanished, and after a while,
>> I saw someone else who wanted to bloat Pymacs to the point of
>> killing the idea (in my opinion). So, I resumed maintenance, more to
>> salvage Pymacs than because I want control.
>>> Handoff to the python-mode folks?
>> Surely no problem with me if they are interested. I would happily
>> leave Pymacs to people who are reasonably competent, and more
>> interested to users than to themselves. Moreover, Pymacs may be
>> forked by anyone who would feel otherwise -- I really mean it to be
>> free software! :-).
> This might ease pymacs integration, or just be One More Thing To Do--
> I dunno. But if you are interested, Pinard is easy to contact:
>> report problems, comments and suggestions to
>> François Pinard at <email address hidden>.
> HTH, Tom Roche<email address hidden>

Hi Francoise, hi Tom,

that's really good news.

think we should make sure Pymacs is available with python-mode, ie delivering a copy as a fallback, should it not being installed already.

Probably we should include some checks.




Cancelled in trunk after conflicts have been reported. Implemented in components-python-mode.


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