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Specifies needed content of dialog.

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Sebastian "Nait" Kacprzak
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Sebastian "Nait" Kacprzak on 2010-03-13

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Elements needed:
active plugins + per plugin options : for example setting user and password for rapidhsahre/imageshack

plugin order for filetype

maximumHeight = 512 - number text field and maybe a get current button? # maximum window height - window will grow with number of files, but will never pass this value

thumbnailSize = 96 -number text field with buttons up and down # if image is not square ratio will be keeped

showNotifications = True - checkbox # True / False

allowOneInstanceOnly = True - checkbox - Grayed out if calling dbus fails # if True all files will be sended by one window

clipboardType = "CLIPBOARD" -combobox # "CLIPBOARD" / "PRIMARY" clipboard - paste by ctrl+v or right click, primary - paste by middle click

maxConnections = 2 -number text field with buttons up and down # max number of concurrent uploads

fileType = 'png' - for screenshot combobx # png, jpg, tiff or bmp. Suggested: png or jpg(lower quality, but usually lower size) Default: png

fileSize = 1 - for screenshot slider # from 1(lowest size, but huge quality loss when using jpg or longer compress time for png) to 100(huge size). For png there could be also 0 witch will use external optipng to compress png file even more if optipng is installed on the system. Default: 1 for png, 75 for jpg

upload transfer limit - if possible

compress png files - use optipng to compress png files - if screenshot fileType is png, disable fileSize - optipng will be used for compression
optipng settings - slider o1,o3,o5,o7

Non settings elements:
Restore default

many of the settings are miscellaneous, so maybe they should be in advanced tab/checkbox?
some settings may not be avalabile due to lack of installed plugins/packages..they should be grayed out and reason should be shown.
Plugins and installed packages should be probably scanned on dialog creation - it should take a long time, and settings dialog won't be used often so don't need to cut milliseconds from it

How other programs handle it:
JDownloader mostly makes sense for PyShare
table with plugin names, their version, checkbox if account should be used, settings checkobox(?), TOS checkbox, read TOS button, and use plugin
accounts are configured in other three nodes, again as table. Rows are added by dialog with plugin name, button to buy premium account, name and password fields. Table have name, use plugin, username, password as asterisk(what for?),status,expiration date, transfer limit
entered account info is checked

version - probably plugins would be rarly upgraded? less is more so maybe we could remove this column
settings - don't know what it do in jdownloader - probably a sign that it's not needed:)
use plugin - plugins should be loaded in lazy way, so we don't need it

buy premium -> rename to register

use plugin -> only one active account for plugin should be allowed
password column -> not needed
status -> work / don't work
expiration date -> not needed/not known
transfer limit ->maybe good, but how to get info? in JDownloader account with highest available transfer limit is used if there is more than one account per plugin


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