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Documentation Generator for RPA Software 'Blue prism'
Maintained by Tomohide Miya; Registered 5 hours ago
Auto build of the HappaugeUSB wrapper created by John Poet (
Maintained by jhoyt; Registered on 2020-08-02
Change snap to test a-la circleci/travis
Maintained by ckti; Registered on 2020-08-02
a small and easy to use game development library
Maintained by Noa Sakurajin; Registered on 2020-08-01
A plain text editor, written in Java 8 using Swing
Maintained by Bailey-Tyreese Dawson; Registered on 2020-07-31
OpenStack Ceph iSCSI Charm
The source charm for Ceph iSCSI: this LP project is for bug tracking only. Code lives in OpenStack upstream.
Maintained by OpenStack Charmers; Registered on 2020-07-31
Newsletter assignments
Maintained by VA RAM; Registered on 2020-07-30
Wasta-Linux 20.04 Focal GNOME Package
Maintained by Wasta-Linux; Registered on 2020-07-29
This charm configures a unit to connect to an iscsi endpoint. It acts as a subordinate charm which can be deployed on any baremetal or virtual machine alongside a main charm.
Maintained by Canonical BootStack Charmers; Registered on 2020-07-29
Slurm Llnl
GUI to view and modify SLURM state PAM module to authenticate users running a SLURM job and track their processes PAM module to authenticate using the SLURM resource manager Perl API for SLURM Perl API for the SLURM database Runtime library files for SLURM SLURM PMI library implementation SLURM PMI library implementation development files SLURM PMI2 library implementation SLURM PMI2 library implementation development files SLURM basic plugins SLURM basic plugins development files SLURM central management daemon SLURM client side commands SLURM client side commands for the emulator SLURM compute node daemon SLURM development files SLURM documentation SLURM emulator Secure enterprise-wide interface to a database for SLURM Simple Linux Utility for Resource Management Torque compatibility wrappers for SLURM debug symbols for libpmi0 debug symbols for libpmi2-0 debug symbols for libslurm34 debug symbols for slurm-client debug symbols for slurm-wlm-basic-plugins debug symbols for slurmctld debug symbols for slurmd debug symbols for slurmdbd
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2020-07-29
Ansible playbook for setting up a Ubuntu-specific copy of the Debian Janitor (
Maintained by <hidden>; Registered on 2020-07-28
Wasta-Linux 18.04 Bionic GNOME Package
Maintained by Wasta-Linux; Registered on 2020-07-28
Personal automation tools.
Maintained by Jaime Luis Honrado; Registered on 2020-07-28
Personal automation tools.
Maintained by Jaime Luis Honrado; Registered on 2020-07-28
How To Protect Yourself From Investing In Scam Coins
All about crypto world
Maintained by Mary Callahan; Registered on 2020-07-28
Top 4 Wordpress Themes for Gaming
The gaming industry has been one of the fastest-growing and most attractive areas in the digital segment for many years
Maintained by Flores; Registered on 2020-07-28
Digunakan untuk auto update
Maintained by Fahmi; Registered on 2020-07-28
Simple consumer of Yahoo Finance api
Maintained by Felipe Nascimento; Registered on 2020-07-28
Maintained by Jimin.Huang; Registered on 2020-07-28
Programming Language with template matching for function calls, dynamic typing, symbols only in the core syntax and indentation-based blocks. Parenthesis are sparsely used. Compiles to C.
Maintained by Rainer Glaschick; Registered on 2020-07-27
AtomicParsley for xenial.
Maintained by Mark Grant; Registered on 2020-07-27
Motion Ã👁
A demonstration and proof-of-concept for an **AI assistants** providing improved situational awareness from a collection of network accessible video cameras.
Maintained by DC MARTIN; Registered on 2020-07-26
Ubuntu Studio Welcome
A simple welcome application for first run of Ubuntu Studio
Maintained by Erich Eickmeyer; Registered on 2020-07-26
warzone2100-videos Snap
Snap configuration for the Warzone 2100 campaign video sequences
Maintained by Warzone 2100 Project; Registered on 2020-07-26
aqua 2020
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2020-07-26
Copy of source distribution package of for automated deployment
Maintained by Joachim Metz; Registered on 2020-07-25
Utility to create core dumps based on performance triggers
Maintained by Anuradha Weeraman; Registered on 2020-07-24
bitfarm Archive Document Management is a client-server software and supports companies in digital archiving, electronic document management (DMS), enterprise content management (ECM), workflow and process management as well as contract and knowledge management. The open source product is the only free DMS with integrated text recognition. In addition, its open architecture allows it to be integrated into existing IT landscapes regardless of the industry. This flexibility enables us to meet your individual requirements: We adapt the DMS to your structures, not vice versa.
Maintained by dutsch; Registered on 2020-07-24
DISTRHO is an open source project with the goal of making cross-platform audio plugins and GNU/Linux ports.
Maintained by Ubuntu Studio Development; Registered on 2020-07-23
colmuzikno enayu
Maintained by colmuzikno; Registered on 2020-07-23
Kubernetes charm for the MatterMost pagerduty bot
Maintained by MatterMost Pagerduty Bot Charmers; Registered on 2020-07-22
Kubernetes charm for PostgreSQL
Maintained by PostgreSQL Charm Maintainers; Registered on 2020-07-22
Kubernetes charm for Bind
Maintained by Bind Charmers; Registered on 2020-07-22
This is a test
Maintained by Yoni; Registered on 2020-07-22
DDE for ubuntu
O empacotamento da interface do Deepin para o Ubuntu
Maintained by Luiz Henrique Amaral Soares; Registered on 2020-07-21
Original intention
User information
Maintained by 初心; Registered on 2020-07-21
Qalculate! function library and command-line interface
Maintained by Qalculate! Maintainers; Registered on 2020-07-21
Warzone 2100
Stable snap build integration for Warzone 2100
Maintained by Warzone 2100 Project; Registered on 2020-07-20
Test project for some OCI builds
Maintained by Kristian Glass; Registered on 2020-07-20
A Bash script which organizes movie files into separate folders with the format: movie_title (movie_year)
Maintained by Fateminasab; Registered on 2020-07-19
table viewer
tv(table viewer) for delimited text file(csv,tsv,etc) in terminal tv is a tool to view the delimited text file(csv,tsv,etc) in terminal. Feature: Spreadsheet-like view for delimited text data Vim-like key binding Support for gzip compressed file Automatically identify seperator Usage: After installation, you need to run ```sudo snap alias codechenx-tv tv```.This makes it possible to launch the application by ```tv``` Key binding:
Maintained by codechenx; Registered on 2020-07-18
openssh with hpn patches
Maintained by Jimy Johny; Registered on 2020-07-16
Komorebi - Animated Wallpapers for Linux
Maintained by Komorebi Team; Registered on 2020-07-15
auto transitions
The auto transition tracker, fork of
Maintained by Ubuntu Release Team; Registered on 2020-07-15
We develop professional apps!
Maintained by Jayden M. Wills; Registered on 2020-07-15
Facfal es un sistema de facturación de punto de venta o POS diseñado en Microsoft Office Excel.
Maintained by Sergio Jiménez; Registered on 2020-07-14
Maintained by Paride Legovini; Registered on 2020-07-14
Atla Browser
Atla; el navegador que respeta la privacidad.
Maintained by Sergio Jiménez; Registered on 2020-07-14
Showbox for Ubuntu & Linux Mint
Showbox is the most preferred online streaming application among Android users. However, any PC users can take advantage of Showbox using the Android emulator. So with this, Linux and Ubuntu users can download Showbox just like any other Android apps. All you need to have is a Linux supported emulator that provides an Android environment. With this, Showbox for Linux/Ubuntu can be downloaded, and you can stream the television contents from the web without any cost. For more relevant information, get into the article.
Maintained by leyijih; Registered on 2020-07-14
A charm for running Nagios-based health checks against Kubernetes APIs.
Maintained by Canonical BootStack Charmers; Registered on 2020-07-13
Macaulay2 is a software system devoted to supporting research in algebraic geometry and commutative algebra, whose creation has been funded by the National Science Foundation since 1992. Macaulay2 includes core algorithms for computing Gröbner bases and graded or multi-graded free resolutions of modules over quotient rings of graded or multi-graded polynomial rings with a monomial ordering. The core algorithms are accessible through a versatile high level interpreted user language with a powerful debugger supporting the creation of new classes of mathematical objects and the installation of methods for computing specifically with them. Macaulay2 can compute Betti numbers, Ext, cohomology of coherent sheaves on projective varieties, primary decomposition of ideals, integral closure of rings, and more.
Maintained by Doug Torrance; Registered on 2020-07-12
Professional switch and monitor controller for retro gaming
Maintained by 6XGate; Registered on 2020-07-12
Maintained by studiosmoviehd; Registered on 2020-07-12
BrOS additions repository
Maintained by Anderson; Registered on 2020-07-12
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2020-07-12
Maintained by tutuplobang; Registered on 2020-07-12
command-line netease music player
Maintained by AlanAlbert; Registered on 2020-07-12
Surf & control paths easily from terminal
Maintained by Sina Farhadi; Registered on 2020-07-12
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2020-07-12
the gitlab package
Maintained by pi; Registered on 2020-07-11
Non-standard C library routines, for ia16-elf target
Implementation of some non-standard C library facilities (e.g. <conio.h>), as commonly used in classical MS-DOS programs, for the ia16-elf (16-bit Intel x86 CPUs) target.
Maintained by TK Chia; Registered on 2020-07-11
Selectively manage snap packages offline or online.
Maintained by Nate; Registered on 2020-07-11
Manage snap system settings for better control over updates.
Maintained by Nate; Registered on 2020-07-11
A long emulators list and tools for the emulation for Ubuntu
Maintained by Yannick Tanguy; Registered on 2020-07-10
Maintained by Jonn SNOW; Registered on 2020-07-10
Testing project
Maintained by Nelson; Registered on 2020-07-10
Maintained by Freeman Zhang; Registered on 2020-07-10
Tarea para la materia Herramientas De Productividad
Maintained by Nelson; Registered on 2020-07-10
This package provides a number of "C"-language tools for working with the X Desktop Environment.
Maintained by Bedňa; Registered on 2020-07-09
Linux Mint's "warpinator"
Maintained by Wasta-Linux; Registered on 2020-07-09
Marionnet with docker [Development]
Maintained by TAKERBOUST Idris; Registered on 2020-07-09
An extensible Java-based MUD framework using YAML files for world definition
Maintained by Justin Lomelino; Registered on 2020-07-08
A Video Message Board, programmed in Web Assembly, specializing in privacy, convenience, and low bandwidth.
Maintained by Kill Animals; Registered on 2020-07-07
Work towards an official LMA stack on Ubuntu Server
Maintained by Canonical Server Team; Registered on 2020-07-07
Maintained by rock_shen; Registered on 2020-07-07
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