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XFS is a journalling filesystem developed by SGI and recently released under an open source licence.

File distribution tool to leverage everyone's bandwidth.

BlueZ Project
Linux Bluetooth stack.

ccache is a compiler cache. It speeds up re-compilation of C/C++ code by caching previous compiles and detecting when the same compile is being done again.

The Gnome Project
The GNOME Project is an initiative to produce a free desktop software framework. GNOME is more than a set of applications, it is a user interface standard (the Gnome HIG) and a set of libraries that allow applications to work together in a harmonious desktop-ish way.

Gstreamer is an open source multimedia framework. The GStreamer Project is responsible for GStreamer and a variety of ancillary tools and libraries.

Enfold Desktop Project
Enfold Desktop is the first extensible Microsoft Windows Explorer integration available for the Plone platform.

The X.Org Project
The current standard implementation of the X Protocol.

An Open Source project founded by SourceGear Corporation to produce a Free, cross-platform office suite.

ALSA is an advanced sound system for Linux, designed to handle both general desktop sound and to serve as a base for professional-level sound tools.

Personal and workgroup information management application.

Package Descriptions
The various Package Descriptions to make translations possible.

Python is a popular and effective software development language, that is widely used on many platforms from Linux to Windows.

Debian Installer
The Debian installer project is a collection of programs used to create install images for Debian and Debian derived distributions.

The Debian Project

TheOpenCD Project
Quality Open Source for Windows

The goal of the WordPress Project is to produce a state-of-the-art personal publishing platform. The project developers and contributors are particularly committed to web standards.

IS Charms
The group of projects comprising charms maintained by IS

Canonical Kubernetes
Canonical Kubernetes snaps, charms, interfaces and test tools.

Bootstack Charming Projects
Bootstack Charming Projects

The K Desktop Environment

the TenDRA Project
The TenDRA Project consists of various BSD-licensed tools and libraries.

9p Project
9P2000 file system support for various operating systems

Project group for the Tcl programming language, the Tk graphical user interface toolkit and related projects.

GNU Telephony
GNU Telephony is a meta project dedicated to continue development and support of a specific family of free software packages which are often used for developing telephony applications. This project is used to directly support the GNU Common C++ family of libraries, telephony application servers such as GNU Bayonne, and other packages currently in development.

the Aranha Project
The Aranha Project develops web applications and web application frameworks based around the Lua programming language.

Ubuntu Backports
Software Updates for Ubuntu Linux

Phi is a toolkit for virtual reality experimentation. It allows to model physically realistic scenarios where you can dynamically interact and probe several object properties. It is intended to be used in a broad range of applications, from robotics research to teaching assistance and game prototyping.

The VideoLAN project
The VideoLAN project is the creator of VLC media player

NTP Charms
NTP related charms for Juju.

GNU Enterprise
GNU Enterprise (GNUe) is a meta-project which is part of the overall GNU Project. GNUe's goal is to develop enterprise-class data-aware applications as Free software.

Silva CMS
The Silva project groups the main Silva CMS and related products from the community.

GnoTime Project
Utility for tracking and invoicing time spent on projects

BitlBee allows users to talk to people on the MSN, ICQ, Jabber, Yahoo!, and AIM networks with any IRC client by emulating an IRC server. A virtual channel is created with all of the user's buddies in it, who can be talked to in the channel or in a query.

A MUX (text-based game) server that features a combat system based on FASA's Battletech rules.

ReactOS is an effort to create a Free Software replacement for Microsoft Windows(TM) that is compatible with existing hardware and software! (from site)

Netswitch is a set of tools to manage your network with a profiles system.

the NotGoddess Project
Open-source programs contributed by Sara Jacobson (NotGoddess).

the Xfce Project
"Xfce is a lightweight desktop environment for various *NIX systems. Designed for productivity, it loads and executes applications fast, while conserving system resources." - Olivier Fourdan, creator of Xfce

Plone Collective
The Plone Collective is a project that gathers Plone and CMF add-on developments under one common umbrella.

LimeWire is a file sharing program running on the Gnutella Network. It is open standard software running on an open protocol, free for the public to use. LimeWire allows you to share any file such as.mp3s, .avis, jpgs, tiffs, etc. Limewire is written in Java, and will run on Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Sun, and other computing platforms. Publish your original content to the world without setting up a website!

Virtual Object System
VOS is software for creating distributed data structures (a distributed object system), for dynamic collaboration between applications and users. Our original motivation was to start building "The Metaverse": a shared 3D virtual environment over the Internet. The Virtual Object System (VOS) is the software infrastructure we have developed to make this vision real. Over time it has evolved and proven to be a useful tool for a broad range of applications, while achieving our original goal of supporting multiuser collaborative environments as the primary driver and test of the system.

KnowledgeTree Project
KnowledgeTree™ is a web-based and feature-rich open source Document Management System (DMS) licensed under the GPL v3.

Roguelike Project
The goal of this project is to make the most popular roguelike games available in all languages. Please see the project homepage, which is hosted at, for more information on translating roguelikes.

GCTAA Projects
CanDo is a competency tracking application built on SchoolTool. The CanDo project includes the cando product and other smaller products designed to teach future developers the skills they need to work on CanDo.

Students for Free Culture
The mission of the Free Culture movement is to build a bottom-up, participatory structure to society and culture, rather than a top-down, closed, proprietary structure. Through the democratizing power of digital technology and the Internet, we can place the tools of creation and distribution, communication and collaboration, teaching and learning into the hands of the common person -- and with a truly active, connected, informed citizenry, injustice and oppression will slowly but surely vanish from the earth.

Open Source Smart Card library and tools, supporting many national ID cards as well as blank crypto smart cards. Runs on Linux, Mac OS X, Windows and unix like operating systems.

Bazaar VCS and Tools
The Bazaar decentralised version control system (bzr) and associated support tools and plugins.

MusicBrainz is a community music metadatabase that attempts to create a comprehensive music information site.

the Wolfe Project
Wolfe is a new general-purpose programming language for computers following the von Neumann model of computation (that is, all of them). It aims to greatly simplify the task of operating systems programming by allowing the user a much more powerful set of abstractions than previously available--complete with macro system--while remaining accessible enough for a beginning programmer.

Developers of Firefox, Thunderbird, Sunbird, and other Internet-related software.

A java graphical tool to easily modify, delay and resynch movie's subtitles.

Ubuntu Live Chat Support
A software to get live chat support in #ubuntu right into "System > Help > Live Chat Support"

Async Open Source
Open Source projects developed by Async

Freedom Toaster
Freedom Toasters are conveniently located, self-contained, computer-based, 'Bring 'n Burn' facilities preloaded to dispense free digital products

Crossfire Multiplayer Adventure Game
Crossfire is an open source, cooperative multiplayer graphical RPG and adventure game.

With GShare, users can easily share files between machines with GNOME installed.

"Envy" Unofficial ATI and NVIDIA driver installer for Ubuntu written in Python and PyGTK.

Participatory Culture Foundation
Help us translate, the website for Participatory Culture Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Worcester, MA USA.

jQuery on Rails Project
A clean, bug-free prototype/scriptaculous replacement for Ruby on Rails via jQuery.

A fast, lightweight Source Control Management system designed for efficient handling of very large distributed projects.

The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) is a large open international community of network designers, operators, vendors, and researchers concerned with the evolution of the Internet architecture and the smooth operation of the Internet.

Asterias Project
Asterias is a set of web-based applications for the analysis of genomic and proteomic data. Asterias combines Python with R and C/C++, using MPI for parallelization, and aspires to become a standard for high-performance, distributed, web-based bioinformatics and biostatistics applications.

the Apache Project
Apache Software Foundation projects.

The Telepathy project aims to provide a unified framework for all forms of real time conversations, including instant messaging, IRC, voice calls and video calls.

Galago is a desktop presence framework, designed to transmit presence information between programs. To put it in simpler terms, it takes information on who is online and their away/idle states from an instant messenger (such as gaim) or other similar programs and lets other programs (such as Ximian's Evolution) to make use of it.

Browsershots is a free online platform where you can test your web design in different browsers.

The GGZ project focuses on free online gaming, developing games and infrastructure.

Swish is a new Content Management System in PHP, with a twist. Unlike a normal CMS, this one is provided as separate scripts, so you choose what you want, and nothing more.

The Ubuntu Studio Project
This project encompasses all products to do with Ubuntu Studio.

The Samba Project
Fill me in.

The AGRIP Project
Accessible Gaming

FieldWorks: Language, culture, and translation

Mono is a free software initiative to create a Common Language Runtime which is compatible with the C# environment.

Maemo provides an open source development platform for Nokia Internet Tablets and other Linux-based devices.

The Open Archaeology Software Suite
Open Archaeology will host a number of sub-projects that while functional at a component level are intended to interoperate creating a complete AIS (Archaeological Information System), including the components necessary to manage the organisation carrying out the archaeology.

Kinetic Style Sheets
KSS is a javascript framework that aims to allow Ajax development without javascript.

Landscape Project
Group of projects which encompass the Landscape web-based tool for managing Ubuntu systems.

0x539 dev group
The 0x539 dev group produces a collaborative editor called Gobby together with two additional libraries and a dedicated server for it.

WorldForge is a project aimed at creating the framework required to create a virtual world.

Avant Window Navigator Project
Avant Window Navgator (Awn) is a dock-like bar which sits at the bottom of the screen. It has support for launchers, task lists, and applets.

Ubuntu Satanic Theme
Linux for the Damned

iHRIS Suite
The iHRIS Suite of open source software supplies health sector leaders with information to track, manage, and plan the health workforce.

Moblin hosts the Mobile & Internet Linux Project which is an umbrella, open source project focused on the development of Linux for Intel-based devices.

OpenCog Project
OpenCog is a modular development platform for Artificial Intelligence software.

The place where projects get "KiSSed"

Divmod Projects
The collection of open source projects formerly from

UbuntuWire is an international community network dedicated to providing services and resources to support Ubuntu development. UbuntuWire is operated on an entirely volunteer basis, and coordinates closely with the Ubuntu development community.

OpenVZ is an Operating System-level server virtualization solution, built on Linux. OpenVZ creates isolated, secure virtual environments — VEs (otherwise known as virtual private servers, or VPSs) on a single physical server enabling better server utilization and ensuring that applications do not conflict. Each VE performs and executes exactly like a stand-alone server; VEs can be rebooted independently and have root access, users, IP addresses, memory, processes, files, applications, system libraries and configuration files. See OpenVZ Wiki for more information.

A simulation platform for wireless and multi-cellular mobile communication systems.

Main Project of LoCo Team Hawaii

ComSciBuntu will be a derivative of Ubuntu which will include all the packages needed to learn Computer Science.

Gmodulo Project
Gmodulo tools and libraries

GASP Project
GASP, the Graphics API for Students of Python, is a procedural API for beginning programmers. It is built on the PyGTK library, which, though full-featured, is too complicated for beginners to easily learn. GASP provides a fun and easy way to write games and other programs using colors, shapes, text, pictures, sounds, and movement.

OOHanzi Meta
This is a project group which includes OOHanzi and the tools needed to make it operate properly.

Thousand Parsec
A free and open source framework for turn-based 4X strategy games

phpBB3.PL Metaproject
Contains all projects of phpBB3.PL Group

Jeliot Project
This is a meta project for Jeliot, a program animation tool developed in Java. This meta project currently includes the Java and C++ animating versions of Jeliot. The meta project also includes the MCode specifications. MCode is a textual representation or trace of the execution of a program. It is used to generate the animation.

The Gearman Project
A group for all Gearman related projects.

Ubuntu[sci] is an Ubuntu remix that addresses the computing needs of scientists and researchers.

BeeSeek is a project to build a free, open-source search engine based on a peer to peer technology.

Sabily Project
Sabily umbrella project

Theoretical Spectroscopy reveals the mechanisms of electronic excitations and can predict new materials properties. This combination of quantum mechanics theory and numerical calculations constitutes an approach that is complementary to experiment.

IgnitedAir is a group that makes open-source software.

Twisted add-ons, Twisted-based libraries, etc., that are not part of the Twisted Project proper, but depend upon it.

sushi IRC suite
The sushi IRC suite consists of a central daemon and several clients, which communicate via DBus. DBus methods and signals are provided by the daemon to abstract the IRC protocol. Clients can use these methods and signals to easily interact with IRC.

Chromium Project
Super project for everything related to the Chromium Project at

Project Sesyncon
In which all of life's information, from communications to personal task lists to computer files, managed under one roof and securely broadcasted to many.

Projects related to the World's most popular Open Source Database

X-Kit Project
A kit to manipulate xorg.conf which is aimed at both developers and users. It is a distribution and desktop agnostic project.

Interlegis is a virtual community of Brazilian Legislative Power.

OpenERP Project Group
OpenERP is an Open Source Business Applications Suite - This project group contains all OpenERP-related projects.

Highly re-usable and non-intrusive validation for java objects.

Open Synergy Project
OpenSynergy Framework and related extension components

FreeNX Project
FreeNX Project group includes a NX Server, clients and helpers.

NX X remote server

Viejo is a simple CMS built with grok.

All of the open source projects under Linterra.

The project goal is to provide software packages for the current Ubuntu releases as soon updates or new software becomes available.

Spenglr Group
The Spenglr project group is the umbrella for the several projects that make up the spenglr system.

Friends of PyUnit
Friends of the Python standard library's unittest module. This project group is for tools and inter-operable extensions to unittest.

Hypernucleus Project
This project includes an app that uses a xml data file to list and load python games. There is also a web application that stores a database of games and host's the downloadable files including pictures, games and their dependency's. It will generate a XML file that the Hypernucleus client needs.

Management of OSF's instance of the KARL Project code.

All projects made by the SISTHEO Team. Find all modules to OpenObject / OpenERP made by SISTHEO Team Work in Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.

The web2py project

Umbrella project to cover all projects related to the game of Netrek.

Smuxi-project is a super project that contains the Smuxi project along with smartirc4net project.

The Clutter Project
The Clutter Project

Ubuntu Netbook Remix
Ubuntu Netbook Remix is a 'remix' of the standard Ubuntu Desktop release to enable it to work better on devices with small screens, such as Netbooks (sub-notebooks), although these packages will work on any 8.04 (Hardy) or 8.10 (Intrepid) installation.

Drizzle Umbrella Project
An Umbrella project for all drizzle related projects.

Xeiso is a system that allows you to run a game console on any computer. It can be run from CD, and can use a HDD or flash drive as a storage device. Future plans are to have dedicated console systems.

reCAPTCHA libraries for various programming languages.

The Ayatana Project
The Ayatana Project is the collective project that houses user interface, design and interaction projects started by Canonical.

NUnit Extended Testing Platform
The NUnit Extended Testing Platform is the next version of NUnit - NUnit 3.0 - extended to become a complete testing platform. This project group holds the projects that make up NUnit 3.0 itself together with addins, addons, extras and other supporting tools.

Canonical OEM Projects
Internal Canonical Projects

LAZR, the project
Open-source projects under the "LAZR" umbrella maintained by Canonical.

Softwarefabrica Project
This project group will hold all Softwarefabrica Open Source projects.

The Moovida Universe
The Moovida Universe gathers Moovida and all its plugins in one place.

CE Infrastructure
Canonical Professional Engineering and Services Commercial Engineering Infrastructure

Chameleon Template Engine

Ubuntu One
Ubuntu One helps you store, sync and share stuff. With both free and paid subscription levels, Ubuntu One helps you sync your files, share your work with others or work remotely, all with your Ubuntu computer.

Canonical Identity Consumers
Various identity service consumer projects to support Canonical's OpenID-based SSO platform

Canonical Training Systems
Canonical Training Systems

Canonical Web Systems
Series of projects to support Canonical's various web properties

People Project
People is a contact management framework which takes advantage of modern contact sources (instant messaging, social networks, mobile devices) as well as legacy ones (address books, corporate directories) to gather information that matters in a world where contacts, not applications, are the entry point of activities. One of the goals is to provide consistency of contact information in the applications, which means each contact you get from People binds directly to a real person.

Freevial is a trivia-like game with nice graphics, originally developed by some members of the Catalan LoCo Team ( and intended to be used at community events.

Ubqstyle Universe
The Ubqstyle Universe is a collection of projects that aim at creating free, usable and extensible user experiences for desktop, mobile and internet devices and applications.

OpenVista<tm> is a cost-effective, open, trusted and complete EHR which enhances patient safety, increases clinical and operational efficiency and provides an opportunity to improve quality of care delivery. See the related/sub projects listed below.

Percona Projects
Umbrella for Percona development projects


This group contains any Perl 5 or Perl 6-related projects.

Open Mind Common Sense
OMCS is a collaborative project to build a common sense knowledge base for artificial intelligence. Its development is now happening on GitHub, not Launchpad.

Canonical Enterprise Applications
Canonical Enterprise Application Systems

Bentokit Project
The Bentokit community project is an effort to stop reinventing the wheel within the community broadcasting sector. The project exists to foster the development of free and open source software tools for like-minded broadcasters.

Ubuntu Drupal
Projects related to the Ubuntu Drupal project

Drupal Projects
This is a collection of projects related to the Drupal CMF that are being hosted on Launchpad.

FreeHEP is a "virtual organization" created in 1991 to foster collaboration in software development across different High-Energy Physics laboratories and universities. Main thrust of FreeHEP is the development of open-source software for data analysis and visualization, using mainly Java and C++. Although still developed primarily for use in High Energy, Nuclear and Astro- physics, much of the software is general enough to find uses well beyond these fields.

Pages for Troubadour CMS and Troubadour Player.

Piratpartiets mjukvaruprojekt

Hardware Certification
Meta project about everything related to hardware certification.

A group of projects around the Scene API.

The jKiwi Project
This project groups the several sub-projects of jKiwi virtual makeover and hairstyler application

Open Software Foundation
OSF Developer Central.

Praqma Library of Open Source software
Group of software projects

Ubuntu Documentation
This is the umbrella project group for all projects related to Ubuntu Documentation. It includes projects providing documentation in Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu and Edubuntu.

The Pidge Project
Useful, reusable applications for the django web framework, that work well together, but can be used independently of each other too.

Gentoo for Pandora
Gentoo for Pandora is a distribution of Gentoo that has been cleanly fine-tuned for the Pandora handheld device.

Raclette is a suite of tools and applications for WSGI web applications.

Dojo Toolkit
The JavaScript Toolkit

The Zope Toolkit
The Zope Toolkit (ZTK) is a set of libraries intended for reuse by projects to develop web applications or web frameworks. It is developed by the contributors of the Zope Foundation.

The Zeitgeist Project
The Zeitgeist event aggregation framework and related projects.

OEM QA Testing
Canonical OEM QA Testing

Det Norske Studentersamfund
Project group for a cms developed by The Norwegian Students Society

Cairo-Dock Project
Cairo-Dock is a pretty, light and convenient interface to your desktop, able to replace advantageously your system panel! It features multi-docks, taskbar, launchers and a lot of useful applets. Applets can be detached from the dock to act as desktop widgets. Numerous ready-to-use themes are available in 1 click, and can be easily customized at your convenience. It can use hardware acceleration to be very fast and low on CPU. Some screenshots are available at .

The Helioviewer Project
Project page for the solar visualization tools, JHelioviewer, and other related projects.

Sugar Labs
The award-winning Sugar Learning Platform promotes collaborative learning through Sugar Activities that encourage critical thinking, the heart of a quality education. Designed from the ground up especially for children, Sugar offers an alternative to traditional “office-desktop” software.

OCS Inventory
OCS Inventory project is now on Github =>

the InteGrade Project
The InteGrade project is a multi-university initiative aimed at building a novel object-oriented Grid middleware that focuses on leveraging the idle computing power of commodity workstations such as PCs in shared laboratories, corporate employee workstations, and household PCs. Our goal is to allow organizations to use their existing computing infrastructure to perform useful computation, without requiring the purchase of additional hardware. Moreover, users who share the idle portion of their resources should have their quality of service preserved by the InteGrade middleware. InteGrade provides support for highly-coupled parallel applications, checkpointing, security, and an integrated development environment.

MAGE is a physical implementation of a Live Action Role Playing Game.

Mai Project
Mai is a project to learn a computer speak and understand the Dutch language.

SchoolTool Project
SchoolTool is free administrative software for schools around the world. The goals of the project are to create a simple turnkey student information system, including demographics, gradebook, attendance, calendaring and reporting for primary and secondary schools, as well as a framework for building customized applications and configurations for individual schools or states.

Canonical DX Projects
Internal Canonical projects

Multi-level Healthcare Information Modelling Owners

the Memolis Project
Memolis is a project the aims of which are to create a "memory prosthesis" using portable and internet based clients and a cloud like common memory server.

EasyPeasy is a lightweight operative system for netbooks desiged for the Internet and low power consumption. It is free, open source and comes with popular web applications and social features right out of the box.

the Syracuse Project
Syracuse is a set of libraries and programs for working with symbolic mathematics.

Launchpad Extensions
Scripts and applications that interact with Launchpad.

Puredyne is the USB-bootable GNU/Linux operating system for creative media. Simply boot your computer using the liveUSB or CD and you're ready to start using software such as Pure Data, Supercollider, Icecast, Csound, Fluxus, Processing, Arduino and more.

MoinMoin Project
Projects related to MoinMoin wiki engine: themes, macros, actions etc.

Bisigi Project
These are a few themes for gnome.

The FEniCS Apps Project
A common place for people to view application codes built on top of the FEniCS core codes

Open ERP related software
This is grouping project for several projects created by Alistek

FEniCS Project
This group collects together the tools for for numerical simulation which make up the FEniCS Project ( FEniCS core development has been migrated to Bitbucket (

A project dedicated to the creation and promotion of free multimedia protocols and software.

Pandamon Project
Pandamon is an open source live streaming service. It lets you broadcast live video to the masses.

GNU Mailman Suite
This project group collects all the sub-projects related to GNU Mailman. This includes the main GNU Mailman engine, the administrative files (for the web site), and the web user interface.

The μnix Project
The μnix workstation is all about 8-bit computation.
Hva gjør vi?

Bardinux Project
Bardinux Project of distribution for academics and others.

Sahana is a Free and Open Source Disaster Management system.

Sparta Project
The Sparta IRC Project Group organised the work of several projects that provide a customizable IRC bot

IDRC Mobile
Mobile usability and accessibility initiatives by the Inclusive Design Institute

Bios Interactive Project
The Launchpad project for Bios Interactive. Project Group
The zope. app applications.

ACGVision Project
ACGVision is a client server monitoring system using webservices. It provides the ability to monitor a system through internet without the need of VPN.

DataHub is a tool that allows you to quickly find and create data mining programs that are able to crawl, parse, and load the data source into database or other types of useful forms.

ISF Project
A new spam filter project.

Dolfyn CFD project group
The goal of the open source dolfyn code is to promote, introduce and teach the use of modern numerical simulation techniques in general and the use of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) in particular

Freebox SDK
SDK for the Freebox set-top box.

CoApp aims to create a vibrant Open Source ecosystem on Windows by providing the technologies needed to build a complete community-driven Package Management System, along with tools to enable developers to take advantage of features of the Windows platform.

The EPICS Collaboration
EPICS is a set of Open Source software tools, libraries and applications developed collaboratively and used worldwide to create distributed soft real-time control systems for scientific instruments such as a particle accelerators, telescopes and other large scientific experiments.

Candy Desktop Project
Candy Desktop Project aims to create a modern icon theme and GTK theme for the Gnome Desktop Environment.

Gally Project
Gally teaches vocabulary and grammar for sign languages

A project enabling anyone to build a autonomous hexapod, using open source tools only.

The Web Business Suite
The Web Business Suite (WBS) is a full function, cross channel, multi company web ordering portal for entrepreneurial, midrange businesses

DroidPad lets you use an Android mobile to control a joystick or mouse on a Windows or Linux computer.

Keryx Project
Keryx is an offline package management system

Linaro Toolchain
Umbrella project for all Launchpad projects of the Linaro Toolchain Working Group

The IT service brand of kulthauskante e.V.

Open Book Project
A project dedicated to providing free educational materials on a variety of topics, but mostly Python programming.

Astronaut editions of both WorldVistA(tm) and OpenVistA(tm) Veterans Affairs VistA Electronic Health Record software.

Canonical HWE Projects
A tracking project group for all current, and past enablement efforts

Gmail notifications for Ubuntu

MirOS BSD is a secure operating system from the BSD family for 32-bit i386 and sparc systems.

This project group is for all community-based Launchpad projects whose focus is such things in the field of human-computer interaction as multi-touch. Software Projects
Software related to

Canonical Multitouch
Infrastructure, libraries, and tools developed by Canonical in support of multi-touch hardware

Linux Live Cd's
We create Live CD's of Debian and Ubuntu with packages pre installed and ready to run. These Live CD's can also be installed to a users Hard Drive.

TAC Energy
Trading Agent Competition for energy markets (TAC Energy)

Ubuntu Small Business Server Project
We are building packages and tools to make configuring of a Small Business Server for Ubuntu as easy as possible.

This project coordinates the Crosswire Packaging Team and any related tools we use to maintain Debian/Ubuntu packages.

The fab@Home project seeks to create control software for the Fab@Home printers, as well as develop high level applications for 3d printers.

Linaro Kernel
Umbrella project for all Launchpad projects of the Linaro Kernel Working Group

OpenStack Clients
<Change me>

Projects created and maintained by Fluidinfo!

Python Computer Vision Framework
Python Computer Vision Framework

Canonical ISD QA
QA related projects and cases for Canonical's ISD team

Akiban Technologies
Akiban Technologies

Fluxbox Project
The collection of projects that fall under the Fluxbox window manager.

Linaro Infrastructure
Infrastructure for Linaro

Migasfree is a very simple, but effective, system management system.

Tech Helper Developers
Creating Applications to Better the Web!

Saxon State Library Projects
Projects maintained by the Saxon State Library team.

Projets ubuntu-fr
Gestion des différentes applications pour la communauté Ubuntu francophone.

This group contains all projects developed especially for RemoteCP.

Journey Project
Journey is a Free & Open Source Business Management application offering integrated Customer Relations Management, Accounting, and Document Management.

Linaro Validation
Project group for Linaro Validation projects

An open source optical flow algorithm framework for scientists and engineers alike.

Canonical ISD Framework
Projects belonging to the framework used by ISD

pinKey SDK
Software Development Kit for pinKey™ Touch devices

Mahara Contrib
Third-party contributed code for the Mahara e-portfolio system.

Haguichi Project
This is an umbrella project for all Haguichi related efforts.

Ubuntu Translations Project
Umbrella project for Ubuntu Translations

Tuned is intended to be a set of tools for professional usage in radio or other digital media. The particular tools focus mostly on things such as: audio routing, audio analysis/visualisation, metadata broadcasting etc.

Goobi Community Edition
Goobi is an open source software suite intended to support mass digitization projects for cultural heritage institutions.

Goobi Community Edition
Goobi Digital Library Suite (Community Edition)

UGR (Ubuntu Gnome Remix) Project
This is a remix of Ubuntu to include a full version of GNOME, without Unity. Future regular Ubuntu versions will ship with Unity instead of Gnome.

OpenStreetMap-related projects
This project is an overarching initiative that includes several OpenStreetMap-related projects.

FutureStack is a nursery for growing cloud projects

Linaro OCTO Project Group
Linaro project group for OCTO (Office of CTO) related projects

The elementary metaproject: all elementary Launchpad projects in one spot. (development happens in )


A project to provide a set of network services to openstack

Ubuntu Community Web Projects
This is the home for all Ubuntu Web Projects that are maintained by the Ubuntu Community.

Obsolete Linaro project

wsrep project group
wsrep API and projects using it

Linaro PMWG Project Group
This project is used to track only bugs for the Linaro Power Management Working Group. Blueprints are tracked in JIRA:

Open ADK
The Open ADK project is building tools and developer libraries for creating software agents that exchange data in a Schools Interoperability Framework (SIF) infrastructure.

Linaro Graphics Working Group

EntryPoint Project
A Visitors book system for Schools.

HIS Interoperability
Interoperability of Health Information Systems such as iHRIS, DHIS and openMRS.

Linaro Builds and Baselines
Umbrella project group for all Launchpad projects under the Builds and Baselines team.

A flavor of Ubuntu using LXQt (formerly LXDE).

Shadow Robot Project
This project regroups the different Software developed by the Shadow Robot Company for its hardware.

Free open source implementation of the Object Exchange (OBEX) protocol.

Twisted Matrix Labs
Twisted Matrix Labs is the unofficial organization which maintains Twisted <>. This project group encompasses Twisted itself as well as several other projects published by the same authors, which are not part of Twisted itself but are necessary peripheral elements of its development.

NASManager Project
NASManager permits managing a NAS server.

Libravatar Contrib
Libraries and plug-ins related to the Libravatar project.

AmebaPOS Linux System
The aim of this "Project Group AmebaPOS Linux system" is to create a Linux distribution for point-of-sale systems that meets the necessities of retail environment. This Ameba distribution for Point-of-Sales will be based on Ubuntu Core rootfs, and it'll fit in the main POS system manufacturers (NCR, Wincor Nixdorf and IBM retail POS systems).

Projects for the GEM Foundation

Online Accounts Project
An accounts and authentication framework for Ubuntu

Arsenal Project
Bug management tools for Launchpad.


The AccelDesign Project
The aim of this project is to provide webservice tools for the operation of an accelerator.

WebApps Project
WebApps Project

Gazzang Products
The Gazzang project.

Unity User Services
Services that exist in the user session to maintain policy, provide UI elements and sanitize settings for various parts of the user experience for Unity.

MICE Software
The MICE software project group contains software related to the Muon Ionisation Cooling Experiment.

This collection of open source projects is directly sponsored by DreamHost.

Ubuntu Accomplishments
Ubuntu Accomplishments

Pkgme Project
Projects related to pkgme

Anonplus Project
Anonplus is a project to create a framework for the construction of decentralized, darknet applications. All of these applications are tied together by the social interface which provides a secure means of communication through use of cryptography.

Graphite project
Graphite project

Ursa Open Source Development Project Group
This project gives you access to all Open Source development projects from Ursa Information Systems.

Mnemosyne Universe
Extensible software for managing and reviewing spaced-repetition flashcards.

A collection of projects for tools written by Ensoft employees.


Open ERP related software developed by erp-cloud

Ubuntu Error Tracker
The Ubuntu Error Tracker project is responsible for error reporting in Ubuntu.

CDO Development

Proyecto SISB
Sistema ERP desarrollado e implementado por Industrias Diana, C.A. para la APN venezolana. Incluye la estandarización a las leyes venezolanas, además de la adecuación de los procesos aplicables a cualquier otra institución de la APN.

Akadálymentes Ubuntu alapú speciális disztribúció látássérült felhasználók számára

Upcoming version "Mountain Peak" aka "Summit".

Ubuntu Touch Core Apps
Core apps for Ubuntu on the phone

Checkbox Project
Checkbox Project

CruzeERP is an open source suite of business applications. This project group is the umbrella project that aggregates all CruzeERP sub-projects

Ubuntu Touch Developer Preview
The Touch Developer Preview project provides the open source code for enthusiasts and developers, to familiarise themselves with Ubuntu'€™s phone and tablet experience and develop applications on spare devices

Ubuntu Multimedia Project
Projects used for Ubuntu's Multimedia functionality

Canonical CABS
Canonical CABS

Unity Scopes
Client and server scopes for Unity

Pantheon Online Accounts
An accounts and authentication framework for elementary

Design Application Framework
Provides a set of "Design Driven Development" helper modules.

Juju Project
juju is devops distilled.

Abstract OpenERP Team Project
This repository contains the Abstract projects related to OpenERP. The projects will address the management of administrative, accounting, porduzione and many other aspects to a modern ERP.

Puppet Modules for OpenStack
Puppet modules for OpenStack (deprecated group)

Open Source framework for seismic hazard and risk assessment

Ubuntu CI Services Project Group
Project group representing the different services and projects offered and maintained by Ubuntu/Canonical CI Engineering.

AMC Windows Desktop Projects
Scripts and Software development applications.

Ubuntu System Apps
System apps and services for Ubuntu Touch

Breezy VCS and Tools
The Breezy decentralised version control system (brz) and associated support tools and plugins.

OpenShot Project
OpenShot Project is a group of open-source applications and libraries dedicated to delivering high quality video editing, animation, and playback solutions to the world.

Inkscape Project
Draw Freely.

Electronic Structure Library
The Electronic Structure Library (ESL) is a collection of libraries and tools providing the core features required to calculate structural and electronic properties of matter.

The Oslo project intends to produce a python library containing infrastructure code shared by OpenStack projects. The APIs provided by the project should be high quality, stable, consistent and generally useful.

TwinDB Software Project Group
TwinDB Software for backup and data recovery for MySQL

Canonical Devices Products
A meta project to manage Canonical Device Products

Snap Store Server Suite
The Snap Store supports software discovery and delivery for Snaps.

Zope CMF
The Zope Content Management Framework provides a powerful and customizable platform for building content management applications with Zope 2.

Canonical Scopes
A meta project to manage Canonical Scopes

A file synchronization service.

Soletta Project


OpenStack Charms
Layers, interfaces and charms supporting OpenStack deployment.

Prometheus Charming Project
Prometheus Charming Project, developing Juju charms and interfaces for monitoring services.

Prometheus Snap Packages project group
Project group for prometheus monitoring system snap packages

OpenStack Snaps
Snap packaging for OpenStack components

Canonical Certification Lab
Tools and projects maintained for the Canonical Certification Lab in Taipei.


Charmed Kubernetes
Charmed Kubernetes source charms, layers, and interfaces.

Charmed Distribution of OSM
The Charmed Distribution of Open Source Mano (OSM)

The GNU Project
The GNU Project was launched in 1984 to develop a complete UNIX style operating system which is free software: the GNU system.

Qalculate! Project
A multi-purpose, cross-platform desktop calculator with customizable functions, units, arbitrary precision, symbolic calculations and much more, organized into a shared library, CLI and GUI.

Pure open source Python operators put Kubeflow on rails, for bare metal, VMware and multi-cloud or edge.

High availability K8s

Trilio Charms
Layers, interfaces and charms supporting Trilio Charm deployment

Launchpad Suite
Launchpad is a set of Web services to help software developers collaborate.

Consort Desktop
Consort Desktop Environment is a fork of Gnome 3 fallback mode components

APT is a package management system, that can be used with both RPM and dpkg to coordinate sets of packages from multiple repositories. APT understands package versions and dependencies.

MAAS Project
Group of projects that collates all projects related to Metal As A Service (MAAS).

Project group for sunbeam

The OpenStack Open Source Cloud Mission: to produce the ubiquitous Open Source Cloud Computing platform that will meet the needs of public and private clouds regardless of size, by being simple to implement and massively scalable.