Unit Templates

Registered by Zygmunt Krynicki on 2014-04-25

I'd like to propose that we design and implement unit templates and replace all
occurrences of local jobs with equivalent job definition templates



Work Items

Work items:
Rebase the template on top of unit concept, creating generic templates: DONE
Add template representation: DONE
Implement template instantiation: DONE
Implement template validation: DONE
Make Units parametrizable to store template reference (for i18n): DONE
Change session to store units, not just jobs: DONE
Make job a kind of unit: DONE
Add support for loading various types of units: DONE
Add support for loading template units: DONE
Retrofit job loader as unit loader: DONE
Instantiate templates from session controller: DONE
Add template support to dependency solver: INPROGRESS
Reject non-deterministic dependencies during validation: DONE
Make trusted launcher aware of templates: TODO
Add diagnostic support in manage.py: DONE
Merge CEP-1 to plainbox core documentation: TODO
Convert all local jobs to template jobs: INPROGRESS
Adjust resources that may need additional fields: INPROGRESS

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