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Registered by jsherk on 2010-10-06

Whenever you login or logout, it un-necessarily takes you to a screen that says you have either successfully logged in or logged out, and then after a few seconds it continues on to the next screen.

I found that there is a 2 second delay added when logging in or out in the following file:
plugins/PHPDevShell/scripts/user/login-page.php (Look for occurrences of $this->navigation->redirect() function).

What I suggest is to remove the delay from a successful login or successful logout only. Since these are obvious and really don't require an intermediate message to let me know I succesfully logged in or out before proceeding, I just want it to take me where I want to go as fast as possible without delay!

Obviously if there is an error (incorrect credentials or missing credentials) we want to advise the user of such. The current
implementation (for login) displays the error message for 2 seconds and then the error message disappears and it returns to the login screen. If you are a slow reader or not paying attention you may miss the error message and not know why you were unable to login. This is not very user friendly.

It would be better, on a login error, to immediately return to the login page (with the username and password box) and have the message display on this screen so that it does not disappear ... then you can see exactly what the issue is without it disappearing on you after two seconds.


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Yes it's planned. Currently the login process can be quite confusing. It was originally based on the constraints of the way the web was dealing with authentication, but now with ajax we can make it nicer.

Even without AJAX, on an error, you could just return directly to the login page with a POST variable like $_POST['error_message'] that contains the error message. The login page would check for an error message in $_POST and if nothing was there it would be a normal login page. If there was something then it would show it.

Usually you don't "stay" on a page after a post to avoid the reload problem. Anyway don't worry we'll create a nice login window which will feel better than the current one.


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