[Windows] 32 bit pyexiv2 0.1 for Windows

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Make sure we can use 32bit versions of pyexiv2 on all Windows versions.

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Robin 20100322 19:10:20PDT
I've solved this for Python 2.6 + exiv2 0.1.3 + exiv2 0.18.0 using DevStudio (and eliminated the use of scons)

I will update the file: http://clanmills.com/files/pyexiv2-0-1-3+exiv2-0-18.zip with the new build and the DevStudio project files required. I've also updated to boost_1_42 with this build.

exiv2 0.1.3 must really be considered at the end of life. exiv2 0.1.3 will not compile and link against 0.18.1 and greater. Although a code change was submitted for 0.18.1, I experienced link errors (and run-time crashes).

The new version of pyexiv2 0.2 offers a new API and we should plan to move to that as time permits.

Stani 20100320
No need to grumble ;-) For the geotag action it is included as phatch/other/surd.py

Robin 20100320
phatch-dependencies-win32-py25.zip looks very good

// Little grumble:
You've omitted surd.py from the pyexiv2 directory. I had in the scripts directory in the original archive (as it is common to Linux, Windows and MacOSX). And I've rewritten (5) of your instructions (simpler English)

5. Install pyexiv2
i) go in this distribution archive to: pyexiv2 -> site-packages
ii) copy all five files into your python25 site-packages directory.
- the default site-packages directory is "c:\Python25\Lib\site-packages".
- files are: pyexiv2.py, surd.py, libpyexiv2.pyd, libexpat.dll and boost_python-vc*.dll

// What's been tested:
All phatch = current code from bzr. python phatch/app.py to execute.

Python25 running in 32 bit
Geotagging and scale/round corners/save

python26 running in 32 bits (running from the trunk, pyexiv2 0.1.3 + exiv2 0.19.2).
Geotagging and scale/round corners/save
Tiger (PPC)
Leopard (intel)
Snow Leopard

Looks very good. In fact better than very good. Has Nadia made the notifications much nicer and consistent on Windows and Mac? (nice little white notification in bottom right with white background). Looks nice.

// What hasn't been tested:
1 Text rendering
I should test the rendering of text (using the action from the demo in Atlanta). I'll do that the next time I run round the bases doing a sanity test. (We have a suspicion about this version of PIL and text rendering)

2) Third Party Apps (such as blender)
I didn't look at those.
-- end

Stani 20100320

Thanks a lot Robin for your pyexiv2 build for python 2.5 as included in:

We choose that one now and let's move on!

Stani 20100319:
Pyexiv2 for py25 works fine, but for py26 it seems extremely unstable.


Robin 20100318

I've put a lot of effort into getting pyexiv2 to build and execute correctly on XP, Vista and Windows7.

Successful XP builds were made in April and September 2007 and I believe they works OK. However I've so far been unable to produce a satisfactory build that runs on Windows7. I've tried different builds of boost and different versions of the exiv2 code base all built with DevStudio 2008. DevStudio exiv2 builds are reliable and tested - the problem lies in pyexiv2. Efforts to debug it have been complicated by an inexplicable issue linking a debug build. pyexiv2 is built using scons and the SConstruct file does not support DevStudio (any edition). The SConstruct file used by the XP builds is published on clanmills.com

I intend to pick up the challenge imposed by pyexiv2 on Windows7 (and Vista) in the following ways:

1) Revert to exiv2 0.16 (I've already tried 0.19.2 and 0.18.0)
2) Abandon scons and build directly from DevStudio (and I hope to get a debuggable library)
3) Abandon DevStudio and build everything from Cygwin/gcc (and probably various dependant libraries)

I have no plan to undertake this for 64 bit at the moment.


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