Add presets to the perspective actions

Registered by Stani on 2009-06-04

Right now the perspective action is hard to use. We should provide some easy presets to the user, such as:
Turn Left
Turn Right
Turn Up
Turn Down
Turn Left Down
Turn Left Up
Turn Right Down
Turn Right Up

.. and maybe more ...

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Nadia Alramli
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Accepted for 0.2
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milestone icon 0.2.1
Started by
Stani on 2009-08-26
Completed by
Stani on 2009-08-31

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Just fiddle with the parameters and indeed it is very hard to find the right ones. That's why we need it.

Juho 13-06-09:
Perhaps it makes sense to postpone this one till there is some sort of live preview ( in place? Even if there were templates it would still be tough to use. Tools like this require instant feedback in order to be useful.

At minimum there could be a preview window in which you could see how modifying a parameter affects the result. As the images provided to the action list are defined after the creation of it a dummy image should be used in preview. I can see this causing certain problems though (ie. image width/height ratio may cause issues) so perhaps it would make sense to allow the user to load any image to preview.

Of course when talking about perspective the most intuitive way to handle it would be to give the user the ability to drag around the corners of the image (see GIMP) to figure out how to correct the perspective of the image. But even solution described above would be a nice improvement I think.

Stani 17-06-2008
Presets are the first step. If we have more time we can add more feedback.

Stani 18-06-2008
With the image browser preview we could generate black and white silhouets from them and show them in a dialog just like for masks and highlights. If you do the presets, I can add the dialog. This will for now give enough feedback.


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