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innodb_autoextend_increment explicitly set && innodb_file_per_table
INFO: This variable is ignored in innodb_file_per_table mode.

* How to determine it was set "explicitly"? This is for when we can parse my.cnf; you won't see whether it was set explicitly in SHOW VARIABLES.

lower_case_file_system = OFF && OS = Win or Mac && lower_case_table_names < 2
WARN: Filenames are case insensitive because of your platform, but the MySQL server is configured as case sensitive. If this is a development
server, be aware that moving to production with the same MySQL settings might cause unexpected errors due to case-sensitivity. You should set lower_case_table_names to 2.

* I need to see what Perl $OSNAME shows on Macs

* Very low priority.

master_host, master_port, master_password, master_ssl, master_user
WARN: You should not use the --master-* options to configure replication. Use the CHANGE MASTER TO command instead.

* SHOW VARS doesn't have any such master_% vars.

max_tmp_tables (explicitly set)
INFO: This option does not do anything.

* What is "explicitly"? It's in my.cnf, or it's greater than 0 in SHOW VARIABLES.

query_cache_min_res_unit is not configured and version < 4.1
WARN: query cache fragmentation can be an issue in MySQL until version 4.1 unless query_cache_min_res_unit is set.

query_cache_type = ON && QPS > 500
INFO: On multi-core machines with high concurrency, the query cache can cause serious performance problems.

read_only = OFF && relay_log_info_file is set
WARN: Replication slave servers should generally be set in read_only mode.

relay_log_purge = OFF && relay_log_info_file is set
WARN: Relay logs are not purged after use, so they will fill up your disk unless you remove them manually.

server_id = 1 && (relay_log_info_file is set || log_bin is set)
WARN: The default value of server_id is 1, which unless it is explicitly set, is the same as not having a value at all. This default behavior can cause confusing errors, so it is best to explicitly set server_id greater than 1.

slave_load_tmpdir != tmpdir && relay_log_info_file is set
WARN: Did you set a custom tmpdir to avoid using /tmp/? If so, you might also want to set slave_load_tmpdir to the same location.

sql_mode contains ALLOW_INVALID_DATES or (version is > 5.0.2 and (sql_mode doesn't contain any of (NO_ZERO_IN_DATE, NO_ZERO_DATE, NO_AUTO_CREATE_USER, NO_ENGINE_SUBSTITUTION, ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY)) or sql_mode doesn't contain one of (STRICT_TRANS_TABLES,STRICT_ALL_TABLES))
WARN: This server's SQL mode is set permissively. This can allow behavior that is best to prevent. If your application can tolerate it, a good mode is 'TRADITIONAL,NO_ENGINE_SUBSTITUTION,ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY'.

deprecated parameters
WARN: Paramater ? is depcreated as of version X.

* Example: For example, --log-slow-queries in old MySQL is changed into two
parameters in 5.1.

--Option-Name is ignored silently instead of causing an error


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