Doing triage on new or outstanding bug reports.

Registered by Bert Timmerman

Doing triage on new or outstanding bug reports during monthly code sprints.

Objective is to read and discuss all "new" (filed since the last monthly code sprint) and outstanding bug reports that need attention from the PCB Bug Team, and decide how and when to act upon the reports.

New bug reports can be added to the list of "Related Bugs" below as to add them to the agenda for an upcoming code sprint

"Related bugs" are removed from the list below when assigned to a developer (i.e. "triaged" or "in progress").

After bug reports have been worked on and feed back from the PCB Bug Team is needed the bug report can be added to the Request For Comments "Related bugs" list (https://blueprints.launchpad.net/pcb/+spec/rfc) as to make the bug report visible and an agenda item for an upcoming code sprint.


Work items are removed from the "Related bugs" list above when assigned to a developer.


Work Items

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