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Registered by Bert Timmerman on 2015-12-27

As the title says.

When a topic branch for the bug report is ready for merging link the bug report to the "Related bugs" list.

Regarding the Work Items below:

TODO --> this topic branch needs to be reviewed.
INPROGRESS --> this topic branch needs to be reworked (or merged).
DONE --> please remove this topic branch, it's merged into master.



Work Items

Work items:
home/bkerin/LP1532611_fixes --> needs rework : INPROGRESS
home/bkerin/backtrace --> needs rework : INPROGRESS
home/bkerin/cut_copy_fix --> needs rework : INPROGRESS
home/bkerin/debugging_markers : TODO
home/bkerin/drc_fixes : TODO
home/bkerin/fix_drc_violation_locations : TODO
home/bkerin/fix_zoom_for_large_boards : TODO
home/bkerin/geometry_module : TODO
home/bkerin/geometry_module_2 : TODO
[bert] home/bkerin/tooltip_fixes : INPROGRESS
[bert] home/bkerin/tooltip_fixes_with_anchors : TODO
home/bkerin/warn_about_invalid_flags : TODO
[bert] home/dan/export_outline: INPROGRESS
home/milanp/LP1532611_modular_format_V2 : TODO
home/traumflug/jostle : TODO
home/bert/polystitcher : TODO
home/cparker/route_styles_via_sm_clearance --> needs review : TODO
home/cparker/font_fun: needs review: TODO
LP1654884: needs review: TODO
LP1645101: needs review: TODO
LP929123: needs review: TODO
LP1773409: needs review: TODO
LP1776089: needs review: TODO
LP1773852: needs review: TODO
LP1773652: needs review: TODO

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