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In V7.0 We need several changes that are necessary to manage the new partner model in terms of ensure consistency of data, and improve a little views and the model itself to "Lock" to much freedom to make big mistakes to user.

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Especific Plans.

On Addons:

  [FIX] Contextualizing correctly address, is important show what you say in master data: Just type == invoice and just type == delivery on documents, inheriting sales, purchase and invoicing.
  [FIX] IMHO it is usefull show full address to be able the salesman verify Fiscal and logistical information without open the many2one field.

See this branch with the changes directly in the core we should modularize this.:

On Server (res.partner base):

On Server:

[FIX - IMP] The type field in contacts is one of the most important fields,
It must be treated as what it is to avoid manage contacts that can bring hidden mistakes to users.
Creating on the fly, the contact is setted as a type == contact, for this reason we must show correctly a help in the form vie
to help the users to understand quickly wht it is.

[FIX] Making Kanban on partner form useful to use a a little dashboard for B2B, Address is important always is a reference.

[FIX] User is not a Wizard,
It doesn't make sense propose an address by default that is already
loaded in the main partner, what can be common is the Country itself,
use_parent_address is already intrusive enought.

[FIX] Nothing must be copied

[FIX] Take Off the 'Sync' Stuff.

[IMP] Showing Street 1 and 2 on kanban, probably it is less confusing.

See this branch with the changes directly in the core we should modularize this.:

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