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This blueprint is for discussing, and documenting how we plan to implement the basic functions of pantheon-session

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pantheon-session needs to handle the following things:
    - starting essential system services
    - starting essential system apps
    - starting user defined apps/services
        - the preceding 3 steps should be done in separate phases
    - automatically restarting system components that are killed or fail
        - pantheon-session should have a counter that stops automatically relaunching a program after a certain number of tries
            - (maybe 50 or 100?)
    - running autostart and autoopen files on mounted media
    - handle sleep?, logout, shutdown, restart

pantheon-session will implement autostart in the following manner:
    -first it will read the users .session file, if the user has none, it will fallback to the shared system-wide .session file
        - the .session file contains the most fundamental apps/services
            - all of these apps/services will be automatically restarted if killed or crashed
                - unless they are marked with a "@" in the session file
    - next, it will read the .desktop files in /etc/xdg/autostart and ~/.config/autostart for the rest of the apps/services to start
        -largely, we will adhere to with one(two) additions:
            #- a boolean key for X-Pantheon-AutoRestart will be available for other apps/services that should be restarted automatically after being killed or failure#
            - when handling the OnlyShowIn= key, we will start anything labeled as PANTHEON, or GNOME, for the time being. This will retain compatibility with all the gnome services/apps we currently use

pantheon-session will have a dbus server with any necessary methods to handle:
    - logout
    - shutdown
    - restart


because gnome-session-properties does not adhere to the FD.o spec at ALL, we will need to create a plug for editing the xdg-autostart desktop files.

non gnome-settings-daemon keybindings are stored in apps/metacity/global_keybindings. my theory for why those ones don't load is that compiz is using a different profile that doesn't have that feature enabled.

NOTE TO SELF: find the best way to solve the closed app clipboard issue by default in Pantheon


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