Policies - Add ParameterEqualityCheck rule check for comparing the parameters

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Add new rule check 'ParameterEqualityCheck' in policy module to compare the rule on the basis of equality i.e. 'kind' is equal to 'match'.

For example, if rule in policy.json is configured as:


        'restricted': 'ntt_3251==%(x_billing_code_ntt)s'

where 'ntt_3251' is 'kind' and '%(x_billing_code_ntt)s' is 'match'.

Then comparing 'kind' == 'match' i.e., ntt_3251 == %(x_billing_code_ntt)s
should return True if %(x_billing_code_ntt)s equals to 'ntt_3251'.

**Use case:**
As a glance deployer, I want to create some licensed images which can be used by openstack users in their environment only. Other users should not be able to download and use these licensed images for their personal benefits.

Presently images shared publicly with the users can download these images freely which could lead to piracy. Today, you can stop users from downloading images by configuring 'download_image' policy with role constraint, but it will restrict all users having that particular role from downloading all of the images, this is not good. So what I want is to restrict users from downloading images only when a specific core/custom property is present in the image or users having certain specific roles.

For example,
To limit the download of image on the basis of core/custom property or roles you can configure 'download_image' policy as follows:


        "restricted": "not (ntt_3251==%(x_billing_code_ntt)s and role:_member_)",
        "download_image": "role:admin or rule:restricted"

So if 'download_image' policy is enforced then in above case only admin or user who satisfies rule 'restricted' will be able to download image. Other users will not be able to download the image.

Currently in policy module, if you want to do the comparison of 'kind' and 'match', you need to pass the required data in the 'credential' and then match it.

'credential' is a dictionary which consist of information about users, tenants and roles i.e context information. So if the comparison need to be done on the basis of image or instance properties, you need to pass these properties explicitly through the 'credential' dictionary, otherwise 'KeyError' will be
raised as this information is not present in the 'credential' dictionary and the particular policy rule will not work as per expectation.

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    Add spec for policy-compare-kind-with-match

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    Add comparison check for 'kind' and 'match'


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Add new class 'ParameterEqualityCheck' to compare 'kind' and 'match': TODO
Unit tests for coverage: TODO

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