Provide the toplevel OpenStack support for running on DB2

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IBM needs to provide the high level support for OpenStack to run on DB2. This doesn't require OSLO code changes but it was recommended by the Cinder PTL that changes to the database infrastructure first go through OSLO. What is needed to satisfy this BluePrint is for IBM to provide the following to enable OpenStack on DB2: Support in sqlalchemy and sqlalchemy-migrate to provide OpenStack access to DB2 databases. IBM shall also add DB2-Express-C (freely available to the community) to the OpenStack Jenkins infrastructure. Third party DB2 tests shall be provided for the testing infrastructure and IBM shall provide the hardware infrastructure to host the third party testing. Finally, IBM shall provide BluePrints for all the OpenStack projects which have code changes to support DB2, shall implement the necessary code and appropriate unit test cases to support the newly developed code. The BluePrints for the specific projects will be dependent upon the successful completion of this BluePrint.

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OK, some thoughts ...

Only some of this blueprint actually relates to Oslo - could you write a longer description of the effort in a wiki page and post it to the mailing list for discussion.

Then you can trim this blueprint down to adding DB2 support to Oslo's DB code

Have you any thoughts on a timeline for this? Do you intend to complete this in Havana?

Also, any links you have to archives of discussions with John - e.g. on the mailing list or in gerrit - would be helpful

--- markmc

I don't think there is really a blueprint needed for DB2 support in Oslo at this point, there have been a few bug fixes across projects that were made in the oslo db.api layer, e.g. duplicate entry error handling with DB2, disconnect handling, connection tracing, etc. There are several core projects which already support DB2 so they fix bugs in oslo when needed for DB2 and then sync into their respective projects, i.e. keystone, glance, neutron, heat and ceilometer. The real blueprint work is in the individual projects that don't yet support DB2, i.e. cinder and nova. So I think we can drop this.
-- mriedem 2014/04/12


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