Graduate Policy to a library

Registered by Adam Young on 2014-12-08

The Policy code is security sensitive and needs to be managed as a library. If there is a CVE level defect, deployin a fix should require deploying a new version of the library, not syncing each individual project.

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Doug Hellmann
Adam Young
Needs approval
Adam Young
Series goal:
Accepted for kilo
Milestone target:
milestone icon 2015.1.0
Started by
Doug Hellmann on 2015-01-13
Completed by
Doug Hellmann on 2015-03-06

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Repo created here:

It will be

PyPi repo created here (not accessible since it doesn't have any packages yet):

Governance Repository review here:

OpenStack Infra review here:

Additional tracking notes:


Work Items

Work items:
Create Launchpad project: DONE
Create Launchpad bug tracker: DONE
Create Launchpad blueprint tracker: DONE
Change owner of Launchpad project: DONE
Give openstackci Owner permissions on PyPI: DONE
Create Initial Repository: DONE
Update MAINTAINERS in incubator with status and name: DONE
Remove Oslo logging calls in incubator: DONE
Fix the output of DONE
Sync tools from incubator: DONE
Publish git repo: DONE
Oslo team review new repository: DONE
openstack/governance reference/programs.yaml: DONE
openstack-infra/project-config - gerrit/projects.yaml: DONE
openstack-infra/project-config - gerrit/acls/openstack/project-name.config: DONE
openstack-infra/project-config - jenkins/jobs/projects.yaml: DONE
openstack-infra/project-config - zuul/layout.yaml: DONE
openstack-infra/project-config - gerritbot/channels.yaml: DONE
Update Gerrit Groups and ACLs: DONE
openstack-infra/devstack-gate - DONE
openstack/requirements projects.txt: DONE
Update list of libraries on Oslo wiki page: DONE
Make the library do something: DONE
Clean up imported repo (see bugs): DONE
Update the README.rst: DONE
Tag a release - 0.1.0: DONE
Remove graduated code from oslo-incubator - DONE
Update oslo-incubator/ to not rewrite references to the library - DONE
openstack/requirements - global-requirements.txt - DONE
Document Migration Process: DONE
openstack-dev/devstack - lib/oslo: DONE
openstack-dev/devstack - stackrc: DONE
Update project list on DONE

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