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Following testing of steam locomotives against BR and American locomotive Test reports, a number of areas of inconsistent operations have been identified.

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This blueprint aims to:
i) adjust code to minimise inconsistencies identified
ii) add some extra ORTS ENG file parameters for tweaking locomotive performance, eg ORTSMaxSuperheatTemperature. These parameters will place limit certain features of the model, or alternatively allow variations to locomotive performance.
iii) Investigate the feasibility of adding an additional compound type locomotive model. Implement as appropriate


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Peter Newell
Peter Newell
Peter Newell
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#3827 - initial code release - added ability to record key performance data @ 5mph intervals, user selectable
#3828 - adjustments to data log and superheat
#3830 - minor adjustment of log parameters
#3837 - adjustment of some default values for steam locomotives
#3839 - corrected issue introduced in #3836 -
#3843 - adjusted default values
#3848 - adjusted code to allow more monitoring parameters
#3851 - added code for calculation of grate limit and other minor adjustments
#3852 - adjustment to how MEP (indicator diagram) is calculated.
#3854 - adjusted Boiler Efficiency defaults and corrected some errors in compound locomotive
#3864 - adjustments to compound locomotive
#3867 - turn off debug code left on
#3870 - - corrected calculation problem with DBHP introduced
#3901 - - update code in regards to injectors and ihp + bug identified -
#3903 - adjust IHP calculation, change injector input sequence, add command keys for AI Fire control
#3911 - add keys to allow AI fireman to be started and stopped, ie override the AI Fireman
#3913 - adjustment to AI fireman (pressureratio)
#3914 - turn off debug code left on.
#3935 - Adjustments to AI Fireman
#3941 - - adjustment to manual firing code
#3942 - - minor adjustment to manual firing code
#3946 - adjustment of a small problem introduced in #3942
#3962 - adjustment to coal usage calculations
#3964 - adjustments to grate limit restriction & removal of old code
#3965 - adjustment to impact of combustion oxygen
#3969 - adjustment to default Superheater Area
#3971 - - adjustment to boiler heat rate & AI Fireman override
#3983 - adjust default values for fuel consumption
#3987 - update steam default values based upon steam performance testing
#3989 - corrected issue introduced in #3987
#3995 - adjust burnrate default values
#4043 - - correct error with manual firing (
#4074 - OR Steam Documentation deleted as it is no longer relevant to current build
#4090 - corrected discrepancy in water level display between main HUD and Debug HUD for steam locomotive
#4094 - added additional debug values to steam locomotive HUD
#4098 - corrected problem with sequence of save/restore items in Steam Locomotive
#4101 - adjustment to steam consumption, and code tidy up in vacuum brakes
#4103 - adjustments to water usage on steam locomotives
#4105 - corrected UoM error introduced in #4103
#4107 - added information message to provide info in fault scenario with tenders
#4108 - adjusted tender water consumption
#4110 - corrected water level after save
#4121 - - further correction to water level after save.
#4130 - add additional save/restore values
#4131 - correct some issues with save/restore
#4132 - further adjustments to save/restore for steam locomotive
#4134 - further adjustments to steam locomotive save/restore
#4143 - adjust saturated steam locomotive steam consumption
#4162 - some initial code to allow calculation of steam cylinder events (not complete).


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