Additional timetable functions

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This blueprint proposes the introduction of a number of additional timetable functions and parameters.

DOO command.

Syntax : $doo, can be set in the #note line of a train definition.

Identifies a train as "driver only operated". It will surpress the playing of the ‘departure’ sound at the departure time when in a station.

CLOSEUP parameter.

Syntax : /closeup, can be set in the #dispose line as parameter to a $forms, $static or $stable command.

Setting /closeup will significantly reduce the distance kept between the train and the end of track, or between this train and a train allready at the location to which the command applies.

Note that it will not affect the distance kept between the train and a switch or a signal.

KEEPCLEAR command.

Syntax : $keepclear [/front=n | /rear=n] [/force], can be set at a station stop entry.

Defines the distance which must be kept between the end of the platform and the front or rear of the train.

Normally, the train is stopped such that the middle of the train stands at the middle of the platform, with the provision that this can depend on the location of the exit signal and the length of the train.
If the train is to combine with another train, or is to reverse with an engine to be attached at the other end, or if it is to be kept clear of a specific switch, it may be required to change the stop location. This command will place the train in such a position that the length of clear track is maintained either in front or at the rear of the train, as specified. Again, though, this may depend on the location of the exit signal. In case the rear position of the train is defined, the /force command may be used to force the exit signal to clear (if possible), and to allow the train to proceed beyond this signal. Note that in case the station is the last stop of the train, or if the train is to reverse in this station, the path of the train must indeed extend beyond the exit signal - the train will never move beyond the end of its defined path.

ENDSTOP command.

Syntax : $endstop.

The endstop command is intended to be used in combination with $keepclear /rear=n /force command, and indicates that this the last stop of the train and the train must terminate at the station. Because of the /force parameter in the $keepclear command, the path of the train will extend beyond the station, and on departure the train would indeed run to the end of the path, which in this situation is not what is intended. Setting $endstop as additional command will prevent this.


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