Activity end evaluation

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Display an evaluation of the player's performance at the end of an activity.


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This is really only needed if the player subscribes to a virtual railroad that requires the evaluation for timecard purposes. Perhaps this could be set as an option on the "Player Options" tab, or it could be added as a checkbox that can be checked/unchecked on the "Activity Selection" tab.

Example: A player wants an evaluation for "Activity 1", so they check the box before loading the activity. When the activity complete, OR generates the necessary evaluation. The player then loads "Activity 2", but does not wish to generate an evaluation for "Activity 2", so they uncheck the box before loading the activity. OR will now no longer generate an evaluation.

The ideal setup would allow the player to chose whether or not they wanted an evaluation on a per-activity basis, rather than as an option for all activities. --James Bradley
James, you first paragraph is not totally correct. It is also useful if some users have problems running an activity, allowing a comparison of performanc with others.

Also, some users just like to have a recond of what activities thay complete and how thay performed!
That's a very valid point. I hadn't thought of that, although the OR log report kind of serves the same purpose. I suppose OR could be used to keep a permanent record of activities completed, similar to the timecard system used by VR's. That would be a good suggestion to make to the OR team. I still think the activity evaluation should be an option that the player either checks or unchecks, depending on what they want. In my specific case, the VR accepted a screenshot of the "Activity Complete" message in lieu of an actual evaluation, so it is no longer a function that I immediately need. However, it would be a nice addition. --James

Are we perhaps looking to make this more complex than is needed.

A simple evaluation showing the main points, good or bad, on the completion of an activity is all that is initially needed:

The main points (probably not complete) are:

1. Was activity completed successfully and, if not, why.

2. Whether speed limits were adhered to and if not some information on what speed and how many times.

3. Were all station stops met and were they on time.

4. Was departure from station stops before loading has completed.

5. Was work order adhered to.

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