Progress of 2.x features that need to be ported to the 3.x

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Let's use the whiteboard to keep a overview of tasks that should be done.

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OpenTeacher Maintainers
OpenTeacher Maintainers
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Accepted for 3.x
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milestone icon 3.0
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Marten de Vries
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Marten de Vries

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- (IMPLEMENTED; maybe needs settings) more teach types: repeat answer
- (IMPLEMENTED) interval training (assignee: Milan Boers)
- (IMPLEMENTED) settings dialog; now, it only contains dummy settings and not all the modules are shown in the advanced mode. Also, the modules screen should be better organised, sorted on every teachType and stuff like that.
- (IMPLEMENTED) Cyrillic alphabet updated (assignee: Marten de Vries)
- (IMPLEMENTED) Percents, American, German, French and ECTS note notation
- (IMPLEMENTED) offline documentation
- (IMPLEMENTED) basic result viewing (assignee: Marten de Vries)
- (IMPLEMENTED) confirm dialogs (don't you want to save, are you sure you want to stop the lesson?)
- (IMPLEMENTED) language chooser
- (IMPLEMENTED) WRTS saving of credentials (assignee: Cas Widdershoven)

- (BETA AVAILABLE) WRTS export (assignee: Marten de Vries)
- (BETA AVAILABLE) enable/disable save if list just saved/empty; a variable is now updated, but we still need an event on which the GUI is updated...

- (BETA AVAILABLE) show a fade effect and show a diff between the good answer and the wrong one when a wrong answer is given.

- (BETA AVAILABLE) edit symbols (and others? Maybe add alphabets on the fly?) (assignee: ~marten-de-vries)
-- (INVALID) add Czech, Slovak :

- (BETA AVAILABLE) When saving, otxx files must be the default -> since files are sorted alphabetically, the one to select should be provided. Maybe internally sort them on priority and only in the ui sort them alphabetically using the one first in the priority ordered list to be the default? (assignee: ~marten-de-vries)

- (BETA AVAILABLE) settings for fade duration & repeat hint duration


Work Items

Work items:
Make list modifiers & item modifiers better understandable: DONE
Reorganise settings in the settings dialog (it's a mess currently): DONE
- update tab title. Infrastructure there, just react to changes in e.g. the title or file name (whatever is used). (assignee: Marten de Vries): DONE
- place files other than otxx also in the 'recently opened' dialog: DONE
ABBY Lingvo loading support: DONE

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