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It would be great if you can combine lists. I usually make a list from each paragraph. But if I want to make one list of it, it is difficult to do (export as text, put a extra tab between every word etc.).
But if you have made one list Dutch-English, and the other English-Dutch, would it be even more awesome, if OpenTeacher automaticaly change that, or that you make buttom to change the order of the question-answer.

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Marten de Vries
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Accepted for 3.x
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Marten de Vries
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Marten de Vries

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~marten-de-vries: Looks like a nice feature to me, also pretty easy to implement. Question is where to put it in the GUI. Maybe a list manager module is an option.
-Ivo: So this become a plugin to? I think a list manager is great. There you can build in multiply handy functions to easily edit a entire list.
~marten-de-vries: Firstly: everything in OpenTeacher 3.x is a 'plugin'. Secondly, we'll discuss this at IRC further, since it requires a lot of design and thought. (#openteacher at, feel free to join if you want to.) The results will be posted back here, however.
~marten-de-vries: Still no decision on this blueprint, mostly because the priorities for the 3.x are elsewhere at the moment. We'll give it a look however when the priorities change (i.e., *before* having the 3.x feature complete.) UPDATE: We'll talk about it on the Openteacher Developer Summit :)
~ODS-3x discussion: Maybe we'll merge this with

With 3.0 past us, this might be a nice feature for 3.1. Also see the blueprint this one superseeds: .

Already implemented in the command line interface. There's a stub in the GUI and a lot of underlying stuff needed to make this work is also already there.

implemented in ui for some time now & also media bugs have concerning this have been fixed by Cas -> Implemented.


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Work items:
Implement logic: DONE
Implement gui: DONE
Adapt module interfaces: DONE
Glue everything together: DONE

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