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Provide an extensible service to Nova to include Cloud inventory for OpenStack cloud resources and infrastructure. Cloud Inventory Manager provides insights into cloud resource system information and takes advantage of underlying virtualization manager (e.g. libvirt) resource hierarchy such as Cluster, Resource pool, Storage, Network and Server pools.

End users and system administrators can use the resource inventory to build a catalog of available Clusters, Resource Pools, Storage pools, Network pools and Server pools.

   • Resource details provide resources discovered via virtualization managers, e.g. libvirt.

   • Resource information is persisted in the database. Details as needed are obtained via dynamic REST API query

  • Discovers and monitors resource changes (add/update/delete) caused by OpenStack or underlying resource managers

 • Explicitly models resources that can be allocated to elements of a Service, these Resources are then organized into Resource pools

Further, this inventory manager lays the groundwork for an improved scheduler and resource allocation implementation that will enable multi-tenant public and private cloud resource management.

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This sounds very similar to host-aaggregates. Might want to extend the host-aggregates functionality --Vish

What has the inventory management to do with host-aggregates?
I am looking for utilization reports - and this "cloud inventory manager" sounds like it could provide that -- Christian

This is related -->

09/12 - The main aim of Cloud Inventory Manager is to provide "Resource details" for resources discovered via virtualization managers, e.g. libvirt. And represent the resource details using a standard "Resource model" as defined in the wiki. Utilization data is handled by for the Cloud Resources identified by Cloud Inventory Manager. So there will be connection between Cloud Inventory Manager and Utilization Data. Also with Alerts and Notifications.

Host-Aggregates question by Vish corresponds to Resource Model showing the Cluster, Resource Pools, Hosts. There is possibility of representing Cluster or Resourcepool as Host-aggregates and can be looked into.

9/12 - It looks like some of this can be covered by ~jogo


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