Create an extensible all-in-one openstack manifest

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Create an extensible all-in-one openstack manifest that allows for the deployment of a single node that can then be expanded. The manifest should be based on the Cisco OpenStack Installer method of installation, and should be able to be run in a "net free" mode. It should also be able to deploy against either RedHat/Fedora or Canonical/Ubuntu distributions.

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Mark T. Voelker
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Mark T. Voelker
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Accepted for grizzly
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Mark T. Voelker
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Mark T. Voelker

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Pull request here: [MERGED]

Note that this pull request provides control+compute functionality but does not yet provision Ceph. I'm working on that as a followup pull request once an upstream patch is merged and backported to stable/grizzly:
Master: [MERGED]
stable/grizzly: [MERGED]

In order for Ceph-backed Glance to work in the all-in-one install, the following upstream patch will need to be merged and cherryvpicked to stable/grizzly:
Master: [MERGED]
stable/grizzly: [MERGED]

We'll also need to get a couple of patches to our modules merged in order for ceph on all-in-one to work: [MERGED] [MERGED] [MERGED]

Once those are merged, a few more minor updates will be needed to core to make everything work. Pull request here: [MERGED]

There's one remaining issue in that the above patches give you a complete standalone all-in-one deployment, but it uses defaults for a couple of rabbit parameters. This means that you'll be unable to join additional compute nodes to a cloud started with an all in one node, which is something we'll want to address. Pull request to fix that: [MERGED]

Further, we know some users will want the force_config_drive functionality we offer in other compute nodes. Enabling this will require an upstream patch:
Master: [MERGED]
stable/grizzly: [MERGED]

Also necessary for this feature were a couple of upstream patches related to enabling provider networks in the openstack::all class:
Master: [MERGED]
stable/grizzly: [MERGED]


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