Testing: call tempest function from tox

Registered by Michael Gugino on 2016-09-29

Currently, we are deploying tempest into a container and executing tempest by instructing ansible to issue a shell command. This works, and may be appropriate for the AIO and tempest roles, but is not optimal for individual role repository testing.

I propose we install tempest on the local host (via ansible in the usual way), but then have another command in tox that actually executes the tempest check directly. This will produce far better logs for examining tracebacks when tempest fails.

Potential negative impact: There will be more to maintain in each role's tox.ini, but this should be offset by less to maintain in each role's plays.

Alternative: Log tempest results somewhere and cat them out at the end of a failed run.

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My alternative suggestion is to implement something like https://review.openstack.org/371753 inside the tempest role, with the execution enabled by a var. The role can then optionally also pull the results back to the deployment host in a file which we can upload with the rest of the test resulting logs.

I think uploading the results into logs is a good approach. I think should call tempest from the roles directly, via ansible or otherwise, so we don't have to do too much templating of the tempest role.

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