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The purpose of this branch is to propose a new type of report parser in OpenERP.
The goal of this parser is not to replace the current report systeme but to be a complement.

First you have to install cheetah template engine on your system and then use the branch and related client branch. lp:~c2c/openobject-client/4.2fixprinter
I have include the c2c_finance_report as a sample the general ledger in landscape mode use the cheetah report. It will allows you to compare the performance.

The advantages of this system are :
-The report is based on cheetha template engine that allow complex templating inclusin, conditions, varables etc.
-The cheetah report have to purpose easly generate html report allow fast render wihout using report lab that is a pain on big report. For example general ledger.
-The cheetah report will allows to use html and ccs for report desing and allow to generate html but also pdf without using the print of your WebBrowser.
-HTML is more easy to use than RML and cheetah inclusion allow to have a general ccs.
-As with the actual report, you can use an external editor to edit you template as it is possible now for report sxw.
-Faster manuel and complex desing.
-As HTML is based on XML it is possible to integrate the report traduction system.
-It is fully compatible yet with the web browser.
-It allows the potential use of scripts and dynamic reports.

There is now a HTML report that does RML TO HTML but it is awfully low. Reportlab is slow.
And I agree if you use the cheetah report in HTML to PDF mode you will suffer the same probleme as also use Reportlab.

Disadvantages :
-Not yet intergrated with OpenOffice.
-Does not yet support traductions.
-Conditional page break available in RML had to be integrated with div hack.
-Needs of a new dependence cheetah.
-Depends on a bug fix in the GTK client see related client branch.

An Other points.

For the instant the pisa library (HTML TO PDF) is embeeded with tiny and not integrated.
This is beacause the Reportlab is embeeded within TinyERP and also use as a dependence... WHY ???

As Pisa need reportlab v2 and reporlab is redefine in OPEN upgrading the system does not affect TinyERP Reportlab.


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